500 ///Miles

500 ///Miles

Toronto, Ontario is exactly 556 miles away from IND Distribution. According to Google that’s a 9 and a half hour trip in a car, a two day trip by bicycle, or a 6 day journey for those of us brave enough to make the crossing on foot.

Only a hundred years ago a 550 mile trip was not something to be taken lightly- it was more likely to be a permanent relocation than a short outing. Those embarking on such a journey would usually never return to their point of origin.

So why would our client (Gkap on this forum) push through cities like Detroit, Michigan and Gary, Indiana to install wheels, a trunk, and a front lip and diffuser combination? Couldn’t a shop in Toronto do that, without the grueling trek across industrial America?

Gkap tells me that for him a trip like this is not about the end product, but rather the experience. Visiting Chicago with a friend, exploring the city, and making friends with the staff at IND along the way is what counts for him. Rather than obsess over the finished product that his M3 might one day become, Gkap is more interested in the memories he’ll gain while working the create the M3 of his dreams.

The way this M3 is modified can be seen as a representation of that outlook. There are without a doubt more extensively modified E9x M3 cars in the US but outpacing these cars is not our client’s concern. Gkap was able to maintain a crystal clear focus on his own ideal vision of an M3, and this vision reflects in the car’s absolutely classic look.

Gkap chose tasteful restraint, intentionally skipping parts that others might have added and created a truly timeless BMW as a result. The Arkym front lip and Challenge Sport rear diffuser were finished in IND’s gloss black for an understated appearance worthy of the 20 inch silver BBS LM wheels destined to fill the M3’s wheel arches. A Vorsteiner trunk gives the rear of the car a now classic look, while an all white paint scheme maintains the car’s minimalist theme. Gkap intentionally kept the M3 emblem off of the trunk to ensure that nothing interfered with the simple lines. PSS10 coilovers provide the perfect ride height, placing the car just over it’s Michelin PS2s.

While all of these parts would have made for a great M3 on their own, our client knew that something was missing. He knew we had to improve the appearance of the headlights and we immediately made a call to OSS. We knew our schedule would be extremely tense as the car would only be at IND for four days, so we had to work quickly. Within hours of the car’s arrival here at IND the headlights were removed and sent to OSS with overnight service. Luis at OSS made some spectacular moves to immediately add his touches to the M3’s lighting, and sent them back just in time for an install just two days later.

Finally by Thursday the car was complete and our only remaining task was to enjoy it. After taking a day trip to photograph the car we made our final arrangements and sent Gkap on his way. Gkap is a great type of car enthusiast- he knows that great cars are made even better by the experience they give you and the friends they help you make along the way. Here’s to great cars, great friends, and great experiences!

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