3D Design Billet Aluminum DCT Paddle Set

3D Design Billet Aluminum DCT Paddle Set

3D Design’s Japanese heritage permeates in every pen stroke of their concepts, their dedication to perfection evident in every line and curve of their aerodynamic components. The company has provided the best available exterior accessories for BMW cars since the mid 90s, and 3D Design’s clean style and flawless fit and finish is now world renowned.

The 3D Design shift paddles are constructed from CNC milled billet aluminum, with a sturdy, ergonomic design for extra driver comfort. These paddles allow any BMW enthusiast to complete their 3D Design interior and give the car a high end customized appearance.

Models Supported:

  • F22 2 Series
  • F87 M2
  • F80 M3
  • F82 M4
  • FXX 6 Series
  • FXX M6
  • F10 M5
  • F15 X5
  • F16 X6
  • F85 X5M
  • F86 X6M


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