13 Years

Seeing a message from Matt@KnauzBMW land on my phone letting us know that the iND G82 M4 has landed sent me down a road filled with memories. 13 years ago, a young group of automotive enthusiasts took delivery of an Alpine white 2008 6-speed E92 M3. During a very uncertain time for the US economy, we knew that no matter what happened automotive fans around the world would embrace this new high-revving naturally aspirated V8.

Behind the wheel of the E92 M3 for the first time all of my anxiety flew out of the window. BMW M built a near perfect car that would create followers for many years to come. The emotional reaction I experienced behind the wheel felt just like the first drive in my E46 M3. I looked for any excuse to take another drive in the iND E92 M3. To this day, I still get this same rush behind the wheel of the S65.

Today things have changed. Are we still pure automotive enthusiast? Is BMW M heading in the right direction? Do customers still respect the process of producing custom parts? Why do they only care about getting a tracking number vs. having iND deliver the highest quality part? During uncertain times in the world BMW has released the G8x M3/M4. Will this new M become a future classic like the E9x M3? Just like the recovery of the world, will this new M car move in the same direction or is the front kidney grille too progressive for true enthusiasts?

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