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IND | ESS F8x M3/M4 T-500 Performance ECU Software

Published on July 7, 2015 by in Uncategorized
IND | ESS F8x M3/M4 T-500 Performance ECU Software

ESS Tuning has provided forced induction solutions for BMW vehicles long before forced induction was mainstream in the BMW tuning community. ESS’ inception in 1995 created a business that was focused around only one thing: providing absolutely world class forced induction solutions for BMW cars. ESS’ experience in forced induction has enabled their team of engineers to maintain a familiarity with BMW engine control systems and tuning that is unparalleled in the BMW tuning industry. Simply put, no other company has as much time invested into research and development, and such a comprehensive breadth of experience as does ESS Tuning.

This extensive experience has enabled ESS to effectively transition to providing tuning solutions for BMW’s turbocharged cars. Two decades of forced induction tuning experience give ESS the expertise necessary to make tuning choices that yield safe, reliable power.

The F8x M3/M4 in particular packages a phenomenally designed engine with two small turbochargers for excellent response. ESS’ software focuses on maintaining the S55 engine’s excellent response, while increasing power in a fashion that does not push the factory turbos outside of their efficiency range. In being careful to operate the original turbos within their efficiency boundaries ESS yields an impressive power increase without reducing reliability.

ESS’ flash tune offers the following options:

• Top speed limiter removal

• Downpipe option (for off road use only)

• Cold start delete

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