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World’s first RKP Carbon Fiber M2 roof, installed at IND!

We are proud to reveal installed photos of RKP’s Carbon Fiber roof for the M2! RKP continues to push the envelope of what’s possible, while maintaining a tasteful and timeless style.

The RKP roof weighs 7.5lbs, while the original BMW M2 roof weighs 18.5lbs.

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VO_1M visit’s IND!

The 1M was historically significant for BMW, as it established that BMW purists were still a real and viable consumer of BMW products. The 1M was real proof that the people begging for the return of the E30 M3, the E46 M3, and other BMW M classics were real fans who were willing to back their claims up with purchases of new BMW M cars.

In that way, the 1M proved that BMW Motorsport enthusiasts were alive and well, and the specific 1M you see in these images drives that point home even further. This 1M was modified for true double duty use as a street and track car, with each component pushing the car closer to an enthusiast’s vision of the perfect modern BMW. Each part installed on the 1M contributes to the car’s dynamic nature, and gives the driver an even more interactive experience, whether on the road or on a race track. The 1M’s weight has been reduced, it’s handling and mechanical grip sharpened, and it’s high speed lift reduced to transform the already formidable sports car into a true athlete. Please enjoy the images that we captured of this very special car!

Modifications include:

KW Variant 3 coilovers
Toyo R888 tires, 265/35/19 front 295/30/19 rear
StopTech trophy four wheel brake kit

RevoZport Carbon Fiber hood, aerocatch hood pins
RevoZport Carbon Fiber trunk
RevoZport Carbon Fiber diffuser
RKP ClubSport wing
LightWeight front lip

IND gloss black front grilles
IND gloss black side grilles

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IND | RKP F87 M2 Carbon Fiber Roof

RKP’s mission as a designer of Carbon Fiber exterior components has always included bringing the unobtainable to M owners. Unique RKP designs, BMW Motorsport parts, and other rare items have been a staple of RKP’s business model.

Although we can’t share the full extent of RKP’s plans for the M2 yet, we are able to reveal one critical aspect of the big picture for the RKP M2 program: the RKP M2 roof. Choosing the design for the RKP roof was simple, when keeping in mind RKP’s drive to achieve the unattainable. The designers at RKP knew that they couldn’t simply produce a flat roof surface for a car with the sporting character of the M2. Instead, the F82 M4 Carbon Fiber roof was laser scanned and converted to a solid CAD model. After the M4 roof shape was analyzed and digitally measured, the surface was re-designed and modified to fit the M2’s unique body shape and proportions. All ratios were carefully evaluated, giving RKP a roof panel that is reminiscent of the M4’s roof, but specifically sized for the M2.

Once the initial design was approved, special tooling had to be machined to create the new M2 roof shape, eventually leading to the very special F87 M2 roof you see before you. While the remainder of the RKP M2 program has yet to be revealed, I can say now that the remaining components will be specifically designed to work with the new RKP roof from a visual and design perspective.

Enjoy the photos of the new RKP M2 roof!

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IND | Eventuri F8X M3 / M4 Seat Back Covers

The UK based Eventuri has built a reputation around some of the best looking and best fitting Carbon Fiber air intakes in the world. Eventuri’s experience in manufacturing complex shapes from Carbon Fiber enables them to take on complex cosmetic components with ease, ensuring a level of build quality and precision not seen from other composites manufacturers.

Eventuri’s Carbon Fiber seat backs for the F80 M3 and F82 M4 are a perfect fit over the factory seats, and give an exciting appearance to the M cars’ understated interiors. The Eventuri covers are available in black Carbon Fiber, in addition to a variety of special colored Carbon Kevlar finishes:

Black Carbon

Red Kevlar

Yellow Kevlar

Blue Kevlar

Orange Kevlar

Product Link:

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Fresh look for the iND F85 X5M

We just has the Velos D7 wheels refinished in a brushed candy black 

Current mods-
Eisenmann downpipes
Eisenmann Sport performance 4x102mm tips
ESS tuning ECU flash
RKP 2×2 carbon diffuser
RKP 2×2 front bumper inserts
RKP 2×2 front lip
iND Black chrome trunk emblem
iND ///M-tri front grilles
Gloss black side grilles
iND painted front reflectors
22″ Velos D7 wheels

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IND | BMW M Performance Gloss and Matte Carbon Steering Wheel Trim

BMW’s M Performance line has been steadily expanding interior and exterior options for M owners, giving us all an opportunity to further enhance the personality of our M cars while maintaining a very high level of fit, finish, and build quality.

Recently, BMW has made the carbon fiber steering wheel trim that’s included with their M Performance steering wheels, available for sale separately. The trim is a great compliment to other carbon fiber components that we offer / your vehicle may be equipped with. 

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Preview from RKP: the M2 diffuser!

The new M2 is truly an enthusiast’s dream- a car so stripped down to the essentials from the factory, many didn’t believe BMW could design, build, and sell it in the 21st century. IND’s staff, our partners in the industry, and our clients could all very clearly see the potential of the M2, and partner businesses like RKP wasted no time in putting pen to paper to develop parts.

RKP’s first entry for the M2 is a modified rear diffuser. BMW Performance’s own piece is essentially a carbon fiber reproduction of the factory plastic unit with very small fins added which to many appear as almost an afterthought. RKP takes a similar design but modifies it for a more purposeful look by widening the exhaust tip openings and increasing the size of the fins for a more dramatic visual presence.

As with all RKP components, the M2 diffuser is constructed from pure hand laid Carbon Fiber, with no FRP packing or additional filler materials. The RKP diffuser was specifically designed to match the RKP front lip, RKP trunk spoiler, and one additional surprise piece to create a complete and cohesive visual package. Please enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for a full presentation of RKP components for the M2!

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A summer drive with the IND M4

IND’s M4 was born from a passion for BMW M, and as a culmination of 10 years of effort at IND. Our M4 was meant to bring the joy of tuned M cars to our staff and IND fans everywhere. To accomplish that goal, we knew we had to send our M4 across the US. Our M4 would visit our good friends at AutoCouture Motoring for over a month this summer, making the journey to both MPact, and BimmerFest East.

The IND M4 finally returned to our warehouse this week, after an extended stay on the East Coast, and we wasted no time in taking the car for a summer drive with a car from which we draw a substantial amount of inspiration- the GT3 RS. The GT3 RS derived Ultraviolet color on our M4 was a perfect match for the GT3’s Lava Orange, and created an excellent combination on a beautiful summer day.

Enjoy the photos!













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IND tradition: IND M2 dyno test at AMS!

Published on April 22, 2016 by in Uncategorized

The arrival of IND’s M2 last week created a flurry of activity: wheel fitment needs to be measured, suspension checked, installation instructions written, and baseline testing must be conducted. The excitement around the car was absolutely palpable at IND, as we admired what looks in many ways like BMW’s homage to the glory days of M. Here we could see that BMW had done everything possible to create a car that followed core M principles: the M2 is simple, lightweight, and dynamic.

Any time a new M car arrives at IND, the staff can find itself feeling like we’re doing many things all at once. However, one item on our to-do list remains unchanged, and at this point is effectively an IND tradition: a dyno test at the venerable AMS Performance.

AMS’ DynoJet dyno has been host to every single M car IND has ever used for Research & Development, since our E92 M3 many years ago. Hearing the M2 roar to life on the same dyno that’s contained our F10 M5, F82 M4, and so many other cars felt like the perfect way to begin our journey with the M2.

Although these preliminary dyno tests do not yield all possible information, they are able to give us some basic early impressions about the M2. By testing the car over the course of several runs, we can get an early feel for heat soak, the shape of the poweband, and how the ECU manages boost and ignition timing as repeated runs and elevated temperatures are introduced. While we will not be publishing specific information at this time, we did want to share the initial power output of the M2: a stout 335 horsepower and 370lbs-ft of torque at the rear wheels.

Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned as we dive deeper into BMW’s M2!

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IND | F87 M2 Rear Emblem DIY

In continuation of supplanting the BMW chrome accents, one of the other areas require attention is the trunk badge. BMW always supplies a chrome badge denoting the given vehicles model. Although we will not substitute the infamous Texaco Red and Bavaria Blue accents, we will provide enthusiasts with a badge suitable for the theme of their vehicle.

Available for purchase on our online store:

Black Chrome:

Tools required:
Painters Tape
Bondo spreader
Adhesive remover

1.) The first and very important step is to mark the location of the factory trunk badge. This is accomplished one of two ways. The first technique that is shown in the photos is the option to frame the current chrome trunk badge with the painters tape. The painters tape will provide you with a outline of the badge for installation.

Alternatively, one can also frame the bottom edge of the trunk badge with painters tape and lightly mark the emblem location with pencil.

2.) Now that the badge is framed, simply take the bondo spreader and gently work your way through the 3M adhesive backing. The more patience demonstrated in this step will result in a easier clean up.

3.) When the chrome badge is removed from the vehicle there may be some adhesive left over from the backing. Simply remove this adhesive with an all purpose cleaner or soap and water mixture (preference). You can also use 3M adhesive remover that can be purchased at most auto parts stores.

4.) Now that the surface is clean feel free to apply a little adhesive promoter. At this time you can also skip the promoter and apply the gloss black lettering. Remove the wax paper cover on the adhesive of the badge and apply one letter at a time with light pressure.

5.) Upon completion remove the painters tape, clean up the area around the badge, and admire how the removal of a little chrome piece can change the back of a vehicle

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