RKP F90 M5 Carbon Aero Program


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The F90 M5 is a platform that demands quality. It is, by far and away, the most refined sports saloon that Bavaria has produced, without sacrificing an ounce of shock and awe when you put your right foot to the floor. 

The RKP Aero Program for the F90 has been developed with this formidable presence in mind and, for those looking for an all-in-one solution, is now available as a convenient carbon package: front and side grilles, front lip, rear diffuser, side skirts, and trunk spoiler. 

As packages are concerned, the RKP aero package helps immediately distinguish your M5 from all the others on the road. Aggressive, yet not unbridled, it takes OEM+ to a new level and coordinates perfectly with the factory carbon roof. It is one of the most impressive aero packages we’ve offered to date.


Product Details: 

  • Fits F90 M5
  • Package includes: carbon front and side grilles, carbon front lip, carbon rear diffuser, carbon kevlar side skirts, and carbon trunk spoiler
  • Designed and manufactured in USA
  • Exclusively available from IND

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