RKP F82 M4 GTS+ Upper Front Lip


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BMW M has always maintained a unique approach to engineering. No matter how rare an M car may be, M owners always expect a car that is at once stylish and discreet; useable every day and flawless around a race track. Balancing these conflicting requirements are what make BMW M absolutely unique in the world of sports cars.

The M4 GTS is particularly special in this regard, because it is a true collector’s item. Unlike most collector’s cars, M4 GTS owners expect to use their car in any and all conditions. One of the GTS components which causes the most stress when used on the drive to work or the drive around a racetrack is the beautiful GTS front lip and splitter. Not only is the original BMW GTS lip relatively difficult to purchase brand new but it is also very costly, making daily use of the car difficult.

The GTS+ upper front lip is designed as a direct replacement for the M4 GTS upper front lip that re-uses the stock mounting hardware and mounting points. The GTS+ upper lip is available in either 1x1 or 2x2 carbon fiber.

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