RKP F82 M4 GTS Carbon Front Lip Set


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The M4 GTS has made it’s mark on BMW M cars through its extensive use of Carbon Fiber and other lightweight materials, and makes a visual impact with the very aggressive front lip and rear wing combination. These components are not only visually striking, but also dramatically enhance the performance of the M4.

Although BMW had planned to offer these components to GTS owners, RKP has strived to enable all M3 and M4 owners to gain access to these incredible parts.

Today, RKP is proud to introduce the new GTS front lip and splitter package for the F8x M3/M4 cars. The RKP GTS front lip and splitter kit is designed to fit directly to the bumper of an M3 or M4 car, and has the exact same fore and aft adjustments as the original BMW part. The RKP GTS lip and splitter kits come complete with all of the necessary installation hardware, and install identically to the authentic M4 GTS front lips. Each lip and splitter is made from a flawlessly finished high gloss Carbon Fiber, giving M3 and M4 owners a chance to enjoy the increased performance and aggressive styling of a GTS on their standard M car.


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