BMW F90 M5 Pre-LCI European Front Bumper

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All F90 M5 Euro Bumpers are 100% Genuine BMW parts and imported from Germany.

European automotive manufacturers often have to alter certain components of the vehicles they produce in order to comply with USA DOT regulations. For decades, and much to the dismay of the enthusiast community, these changes sacrifice the form of the vehicle, leaving the job of sourcing the far sleeker Euro-market originals to only the most determined, rather than a widely available option.

Through the years, IND has made it a goal to make these European market parts readily available to our customers. With the launch of the new F90 M5, the mission that humbly began with the E9X M3 continues—we have proudly taken delivery of the first beautiful Euro M5 front bumper—and are incredibly excited to introduce a wider array of Euro parts in the near future.

NOTE: Fits Pre-LCI F90 M5 Only



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