IND G42 2-Series M-Sport Starter Kit


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This discounted starter kit was designed to cover some of the basics as soon as you pickup your new M-Sport G42 2-Series or M240i. We've selected some of the best entry-level mods and added in our painted front reflectors. The goal? Set your car apart with some simple mods that will hold you over while you decide what else you'd like to do for your BMW! The kit combines our extremely popular painted front reflector and Acexxon rear reflector insert package with 2 sets of wheel spacers as well as a stud conversion kit from Macht Schnell. The reflector deletes, honeycomb rear inserts, and spacers will give your BMW a cleaner, more aggressive look while the stud kit provides stronger hardware over the OE lug bolts and will make future wheel changes much easier.

Product Details:

  • Fits G42 M-Sport Models and M240i
  • Includes:
    • IND Painted Front Reflectors (Reflector Deletes)
    • Acexxon Rear Reflector Inserts in Gloss Black Honeycomb
    • Macht Schnell 15mm Front and 12mm Rear Spacers (for all 4 wheels)
    • Macht Schnell 90mm Stud Conversion Kit suited for spacers up to 20mm
  • Exclusively available from IND

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