IND F87 M2 Black Chrome Cosmetic Package


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BMW’s Edition series was by far one of the most popular looks for the E9x M3 cars, offering a depth and complexity that was impossible with normal painted gloss black grilles. The Edition grilles featured a “black chrome” appearance - glossy chrome sheen without the glare and dark enough in color to complement BMW's window trim and glazing. BMW has not offered this finish for the newer chassis, so our paint technicians at IND have spent considerable effort in creating our own version of this beautiful finish. Our finish has been developed in-house with a proprietary process that has not been used previously, outside of IND.

Package Includes:

  • Black Chrome finish front grilles
  • Black Chrome finish side grilles (side markers)
  • Black Chrome finish trunk emblem
  • Optional: Painted front reflectors (Reflector Deletes)
  • Optional: Painted rear reflectors (Reflector Deletes)

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