ESS SLS AMG M156 6.2L Twin Screw Supercharger (Tuner Kit)


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  • 6/7 or 8PSI specification available,
  • 2.9L Whipple Twin Screw SC unit
  • Large capacity intercooler system
  • High flow fuel rails and crossover system.


There’s nothing quite like the Mercedes Benz C197 / R197 SLS AMG. Fitted with the monstrous M156 6.2L V8, the SLS rocketed past its competition, making it the fastest production 4-door car at its debut. At ESS, we think there’s some improvements we can make on the C63, so we set our sights on cranking as much power as we could out of the M156 in our signature fashion without sacrificing anything in the way of smoothness or reliability.


We first start by pairing the massive V8 with an equally massive 2.9L twin screw supercharger unit from Whipple, capable of producing over 1000hp that will easily quench the M156’s thirst for fresh air. The lag-free performance of the supercharger means the SLS gets a massive jump in HP and Torque from idle to all the way to redline that’ll match up to the performance of many exotics. A high capacity air to liquid intercooler is employed to ensure consistent performance over prolonged periods of time. Finally, it’s not an ESS Tuning system without our signature ECU software, which we bundle via an ECU E-flash cable.

We think this is one of our best kits yet, resulting in over 577hp and 489 ft-lbs of torque to the wheels on the base SLS with the factory exhaust system. Like every supercharger system we make, we pay careful attention in ensuring OEM levels of detail and quality in everything that we do, from the quality of our milled brackets and overall engine bay aesthetic, to the civilized, smooth, and reliable power delivery of our engine tuning.

You’ll find that our SLS supercharger kit is perfection and exhilaration in every way, whether it’s on a daily drive or a shakedown on the track. 

  • Detailed step, by step instructions manual
  • All installation hardware included
  • 2yr./unlimited mileage warranty
Installation time: 8 - 14 hours


Mercedes C197 SLS AMG 6.3
Mercedes R197 SLS AMG 6.3
Mercedes C197 SLS AMG 6.3 GT
Mercedes R197 SLS AMG 6.3 GT

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