ESS F85 X5M / F86 X6M Stage 1 E-Flash Performance ECU Software

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ESS S63TÜ Stage 1 Performance E-Flash ECU Software 700+ HP / 680 lb-ft tq

The E-Flash S63TÜ software is a full OBD2 solution that does not require sending in the ECU or opening the ECU in any way.

Expert calibrated ESS Performance ECU software for the 2012+ M5/M6.

Adds ~90-100hp and ~90ft/lbs of torque over stock M5/6. (75hp and 85ft/lbs on Performance Package M5/6)

This software is calibrated to the maximum capacity of the OEM hardware. This software should not be used with additional piggybacks of any kind as it is already fully tuned through ECU software directly.

Available options :

  • Removed top speed limiter.
  • Removed cat check option for off-road use (not available for customers in California).
  • Removed cold start cat heat up cycle (not available for customers in California).
  • Linear torque option for less bottom end torque gain to aid tire grip


Performance tested with X5M:

OEM tune:
0-100 km/h = 4,46 sek
0-160 km/h = 10,3 sek
0-200 km/h = 16,42 sek
100-200 km/h = 11,86 sek

ESS Stage I.
0-100 km/h = 4,25 sek
0-160 km/h = 9,47 sek
0-200 km/h = 14,85 sek
100-200 km/h = 10,5 sek

ESS Stage II.
0-100 km/h = 4,04 sek
0-160 km/h = 9,05 sek
0-200 km/h = 14,41 sek
100-200 km/h = 10,26 sek



BMW F15 X5-Series X5M
BMW F16 X6-Series X6M

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