ESS E89 Z4 E-Flash N54 ECU Performance Software

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E-Flash Stage 1 :
Top Speed Governor: Removed
RPM Limit: 7000RPM
Fuel requirement: 91US/95Euro
Horsepower: 355 DIN (Stock 306)
Torque: 480NM (Stock 400NM)

E-Flash Stage 2 :
Top Speed Governor: Removed
RPM Limit: 7200RPM
Fuel requirement: 91US/95Euro
Horsepower: 400 DIN (Stock 306) - 390DIN if used with stock intercooler
Torque: 550NM (Stock 400NM)


Available options :

  • HFC or catless exhaust (not available for customers in California)
  • Calibration for upgraded factory turbos (up to ~19PSI peak)


When ordering this product you will receive 1 ESS E-Flash OBD2 programming system which will VIN lock to your car.

This system can be used to program between stock and several tuned files, and it can also be used to load custom files/race fuel files/updates received from ESS over email.

Stage 1 and stage 2 software will be provided in the purchase price.

*Correction factor for drivetrain loss is 15% above RWHP as seen in dynograph (RWHP/0.85)



BMW E89 Z4-Series 5Z4 S-Drive35i

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