CSF E9x M3 All-Aluminium Cab-Brazed Dual-Pass Power Steering Cooler

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All-Aluminium Cab-Brazed
Dual-Pass Power Steering Cooler (CSF #8041)

Product Details: 

  • Changes from OEM’s low efficiency mechanically bonded core design to CAB-brazed high-efficiency plate-type design
  • Made with CSF’s AC condenser technology using a 1-row super-high pressure 18mm wide 4-channel microtube
  • Dual pass 6-row design with an 83% increase in surface area compared to the OEM unit
  • “Drop-in fit” requiring no modifications to install. Accepts all attaching OEM components including oil-line connections, mounting brackets, and AC condenser
  • Lab tested at ~40% more efficient than OEM cooler
  • World’s 1st true “plug-and-play” power steering cooler for the E9x M3 platform
  • Increase in unit size (total 83 mm or 3.27 inches in height) designed towards the top of the cooler from OEM position. This allows the cooler to work with any aftermarket supercharger heat exchanger or auxiliary coolers that may be placed underneath OEM positioned power steering cooler
  • OEM #: 17112282716

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