BMW F82 M4 GTS Fire Extinguisher

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High quality safety is something BMW always works to supply, and that’s why IND makes it our mission to carry those necessary parts. While most look to the performance parts found on the GTS as evidence of BMW's dedication to creating a track-ready car, the safety systems that BMW has chosen to add are just as important.

The European GTS in particular was equipped with a wide range of safety components, including fixed back seats with pass throughs for racing harnesses, a roll bar with specific harness mounts and head padding, and even a fire extinguisher. Unfortunately, because of DOT regulations, most of this equipment was kept out of the hands of US GTS owners. To supply you with the best of the best, IND has been working tirelessly to offer the full host of GTS safety systems to US GTS owners; we’re proud to say that we now offer the European GTS fire extinguisher.

We've secured a substantial quantity of European GTS fire extinguishers, and are happy to announce that the full installation kit and extinguisher are available for M4 and M4 GTS owners alike.

Includes all mounting hardware required for install.

Note: Special Order  - Please check lead times. 

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