BBS BMW E60 M5 / E60 5-Series CH-R Wheel Set (20 - Inch Standard Fitment)

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Long, filigree spokes and an especially small central area give this dynamic lightweight wheel a striking look. The shape alone suggests a close relationship to motor racing, and this is confirmed by the performance – palpable in every turn of the wheel! 


Performance Line Technology:

Thanks to the flow-forming process, specially developed for the motorsport industry, our Performance Line wheels are weight optimized. During Flow-Forming, the casting blank, which is produced according to the low-pressure method, is rolled out under high pressure after being heated. The rim well is thereby thinned out, both the density of the material and the strength are increased. The finished wheel is thereby more stable and lightweight.


100% Weight - Optimized

By milling the spokes behind the light alloy wheel, the optimum balance between weight and stability is achieved. Here, in a special CNC milling process, lateral portions of the wheel spoke are removed, which are not relevant for the strength, in order to reduce the rotating masses of the wheel.


Fitment Notes:

"Standard" fitment:

Vehicles that have been lowered or altered will need to verify proper clearances to the fender and suspension. The tire section width and alignment settings are also important factors.


Special Features

‘Motorsport’ laser engraving in the centre of the wheel. Replaceable stainless-steel rim protector. Back-milled spokes for optimal weight.



  • Size: 20 x 9"
  • Center Bore: PFS
  • ET: 24
  • Bolt Circle: 5 - 120
  • Weight: 27.60 lbs
  • Hardware Kit: 09.30.090



  • Size: 20 x 10.5"
  • Center Bore: PFS
  • ET: 24
  • Bolt Circle: 5 - 120
  • Weight: 29.20 lbs
  • Hardware Kit: 09.50.228**

Requires a $45.00 ADDITIONAL COST hardware kit containing a 10mm hub-centric spacer and longer lug bolts. The final offset of the wheel will be reduced by 10mm using this spacer.
It is added to the total price of the wheel set.




BBS BMW CH-R Wheel Set - iND Distributor



Year Car
2006 - 2010 BMW M5 (E60)
M5 E60
2004 - 2007 BMW 525, 530 (RWD) (E60)
2008 - 2010 BMW 535i (E60)
2004 - 2005 BMW 545 (E60)
2006 - 2010 BMW 550 (E60)

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