New Release: MSS G8X M3 / M4 Height Adjustable Spring Kit

BMW’s advancement in their own damper technology has created a sub-segment in the aftermarket suspension arena—the height adjustable spring (HAS) kit. Residing between a conventional spring and a full-on coilover system, the HAS kit allows enthusiasts to dial in their desired ride height based upon specific needs or desires. This adjustment is contained within BMW’s OE shock operating range, which guarantees that it will not be subjected to excess wear—something that was always a concern with traditional spring replacements.

Conforming to BMW’s damper also provides another huge benefit: you are able to take advantage of the programmed settings—comfort, sport, and sport plus—the use of which come down to personal tastes and tolerances. MSS has leaned into this market niche more than any other suspension manufacturer, focusing on developing bespoke HAS kits for a wide range of applications rather than a varied range of suspension offerings for a single car. As a result of this unconventional approach, coupled with the growing prevalence of the electronically adjustable damper across makes (Audi, Ford, VW, Mercedes to name a few), MSS’s popularity has been realized quite quickly.

But the real reason we’re here is obvious. MSS’s latest creation puts the G8X M3 / M4 in its sight lines and aims to improve upon a chassis that is, by almost universal margin, praised through and through. First and foremost, MSS wanted to ensure an adequate lowering range to improve the car’s aesthetic. For both sedan and coupe models, we’re happy to report a noticeable 30mm (~1.2”) and 35mm (~1.4”) maximum drop for front and rear respectively.

Looks aside, the triple rated springs have been expertly crafted by Eibach to ensure a symbiotic relationship with the OE damper. While a linear spring is undeniably more predictable at speed (you’ll often see this spring on full blown track-focused coilovers), it can be harsh in street applications. A progressive or double / triple rated spring allows for a Jekyll and Hyde personality—amazingly compliant and comfortable on the street, but also confidently capable nearer to the limit.

We at IND are proud to be amongst the first to fit the new MSS kit to our G82 M4. Fitting the KW HAS kit prior to this, it gives us a unique perspective in being able to compare and contrast both offerings—both from a product and performance standpoint—for our discerning clientele.

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