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IND Memorial Day Sale is LIVE | Code: Memorial20

Promo Code: Memorial20

Memorial Day in the United States has been predicated on one thing: honoring those who died serving in our armed forces and their constant pursuit to keep us safe. Indeed, 2020 has made safety a prominent topic, not only in the United States, but the entire world. While the original intent of Memorial Day cannot be diminished, the global implications of safety in the shadow of COVID-19 have made us all consider this holiday from a new vantage point.

It’s a very different feeling this year to remember those who couldn’t come home while we are all urged to not leave ours. But even though our COVID-19 quarantine has taken a toll on us all, we have to humbly acknowledge that without the tremendous prowess of our armed forces, a shelter-in-place order outside of this pandemic may very well be more common—we have all been bestowed an incredible amount of freedom that cannot be forgotten.

In salute to this, we at IND are preserving tradition—our Memorial Day Sale will proceed as usual. We feel that doing so will honor the day as it should and allow a respite from this unprecedented time, however brief. We urge everyone to also consider how we, as a global community, can do our part as compassionate human beings to support the grieving—both in reflection of Memorial Day and those affected directly by COVID-19.

All that said, we also kindly ask everyone for their continued patience. Well beyond the aftermarket industry, delays and supply shortages are rampant. It’s been an incredibly tall effort to keep pace with a skeleton crew here at IND; we are doing our absolute best to not only keep our coveted catalog on the shelves, but also get orders out to you with minimal interruption.

At end, this is certainly a very different sale announcement, but one that we felt was absolutely necessary given the gravity of the world climate right now. From all of us at IND, thank you immensely for your support and belief in our mission. Enjoy the Memorial Day sale.

Promo Code: Memorial20


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