• 19" BBS FI-R Wheel Set

    F80 M3

    F82 M4

    SKU : BBS-FIR-19


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The FI-R wheel is not a wheel engineered and conceived in a vacuum. It is a culmination of a history of hard work, struggle, and success. It is this accumulated effort, this compounded knowledge and force of human will that impresses us at IND. Although the FI-R is still in production and not yet released to the general public, it represents a lineage and a bloodline that is unique to a company founded in 1970 by a couple of guys from Schiltach Germany with a true passion for engineering.

BBS FI-R F8X M3/M4 Sizing:

  • 19x9.5" - 16.5 lbs
  • 19x10.5" - 17.5 lbs
Images may not represent listed diameter.
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