• Rogue Engineering Front Tension Arm Bushings

    E9X M3, E82 1M
    SKU : RE-TAB-E9X


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BMW continues building on a heritage of the best handling sports sedans in the world with the E9x M3. Although the car was an incredibly effective performer as supplied by BMW, companies like Rogue Engineering have been working hard to enhance the car’s already stellar road feel and mechanical grip beyond the M3’s factory capability.

The Rogue Engineering Front Tension Arm Bushings provide the driver with more vehicle feedback as well as road feel by virtue of a less compliant bushing, while simultaneously limiting unwanted changes in suspension geometry. Limiting unwanted geometry change allows for the tension rod to move through its range of travel without excessive deflection, preventing anomalies in alignment and ensuring that the tire stays in the best possible contact with the road, even over road irregularities. The extra road feedback also allows the driver to push their M3 closer to the edge, enabling drivers to more accurately gauge the amount of available front grip.


  • Replaces the OEM tension arm bushings with aluminum and polyurethane bushings.

  • Fully Rebuildable Design.

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