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The Awron DGA Gauge is an all-in-one display unit that presents the driver with a wide array of real time data for the F3X 3 and 4 Series chassis.

Replacing one of the factory air ducts, the Awron DGA gauge flows seamlessly with the BMW interior. Featuring a sharp, full color OLED display, the Awron DGA gauge is easily controlled using the factory steering wheel buttons for on the fly commands. This versatile gauge is the perfect option for track enthusiasts, or for those just wanting to add some flair and functionality to the interior.

The included plug and play harness makes installation easier than ever.

Awron DGA Displayed Values:
- Battery Voltage
- Boost Pressure / Peak Boost
- Water Temperature
- Transmission Temperature
- Horsepower / Peak Horsepower
- Torque / Peak Torque
- Dyno Graph
- G-Forces / Peak G-Forces
- Speed / Max Speed
- Stopwatch
- Sprint Times
- GPS Speed
- Quarter Mile Times
- Light Countdown
- Wideband O2 Sensor Bank
- Exhaust Gas Temperature
- Fuel Rail Pressure
- Intake Temperature
- Oil Temperature
- Oil Pressure
- Maximum Values

- Steering wheel controlled
- User defines dedicated steering wheel button
- Gauge ships pre-assembled into OEM air duct
- Plug & play installation
- Full Color OLED Display
- OEM look & feel
- Integrated USB port for firmware updates

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