• Alekshop E9X M3 Oil Cooler

    E90 / E92 / E93 M3



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Alekshop oil cooler was developed for the street, track and supercharged cars to reduce operating oil temperatures. If you drive your car hard and track it occasionally you might know that oil temps tend to reach 270F + degrees and force you to do cool down laps. Alekshop oil cooler was tested at the track and has a proven record to lower oil temps by 13% (32F degrees) compare to the factory oil cooler. It staggered fin core design doubles the number of fins while maintaining the same distance between the fins for a perfect air flow. We also added 6 more oil line rows to efficiently cool the oil. This oil cooler accepts factory oil lines and fist in the same location as the factory oil cooler.

Plastic shroud needs to be slightly trimmed to fit new oil cooler.

Vehicles 2008 and 2009 may need to purchase updated oil lines from BMW. 

Staggered fins design
14 Oil line rows (stock has 8)
Track proven 13% Cooler (32 degrees Farenheit)
Pressure tested aluminum core
1 year warranty
Made in USA

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