• Active Autowerke N54/N55 Race Intercooler

    E82 / E88 135 - N54 / N55

    E90 / E92 / E93 335 - N54 / N55

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Our race inspired BMW 135i 335i intercooler kit upgrade has been designed to handle the increase in power more efficiently. Whether you are heading out for a weekend track session or taking your twin turbocharged BMW 135i to 'The One Lap of America' race this upgrade will handle the challenge.

By moving the intercooler closer to the front and making it taller, we were able to "catch" more air going through a larger frontal area core by way of our specially designed shroud.

The front of our new core is 88% larger. Dyno testing revealed a temperature drop of close to 30 degrees fahrenheit less in the intake manifold air temperature and close to12 more useable rear wheel HP on our Mustang MD250 dynamometer. The ambient temperature in our shop measured 92 degrees farenheit during the test. Further aid performance by utilizing our BMW 135i Downpipe!

Some cutting required to ensure proper fitment.



Largest intercooler core fitment for BMW 135i and 335i application
Innovative RAM AIR shroud design that channels ALL incoming cold air
Industry standard bar and plate core design for that rugged construction
Delivers substantially more internal airflow than the factory BMW unit
No heat soak measured on street application
Delivers an increase in performance consistenly
Cast end tanks with sturdy mounting bosses
Full aluminum piping with proper silicone hoses and clamps for a trouble free, simple install
Detailed CD instructions featuring mostly pictures with less text



Intercooler core dimensions 12.00" Tall, 18.00" Wide, 3.50" Thick
Capable for up to 550 WHP
Finished in BLACK

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