• E90/92/93 M3 Rogue Engineering Short Shift Kit

    E90/92/93 M3 Rogue Engineering Short Shift Kit



The Rogue Engineering Short Shift Kit features a 6061-T6 ACQ Billet Carrier, OCTANE shifter lever, Rogue Engineering's Self-Adjusting Pivot Point, the OCTANE weighted selector rod, and replacement pivot cups and locking circlips.

The 6061-T6 ACQ Billet Carrier CNC machined from a block of aluminum about the size of a brick, this carrier has incredible strength and rigidity over a stock component. It incorporates Rogue Engineering's Pivot Relocation Cup, to raise the pivot point of the shifter higher, allowing the shifter more drivetrain clearance. For additional strength, the rear of the carrier has a steel spike to secure to the mounting point of the vehicle. An important feature is that it realigns the selector rod so that it is near the factory position, preventing off-axis forces against the transmission's selector rod gear joint, preventing shifting notchiness. As mentioned before the billet carrier is one piece of aluminum, with the exception of the pivot relocation cup which is welded to the bottom half of the carrier. Included with the carrier are custom Derlin bushings, eliminating the excessive carrier movement caused by the factory rubber bushings.

Rogue Engineering's OCTANE shifter incorporates a double bend, emulating the factory shift lever. Shift throws are reduced noticeably, with a 3rd to 4th throw distance of approximately 98mm (3.85") when using the factory shift knob. Rogue Engineering maintains the use of the Ertalyte TX pivot point, machined from solid Ertalyte TX rod, to exacting specifications. This translates to a 41% smoother shift than factory.

Rogue Engineering's Self-Adjusting Pivot Point (SAPP) is still used in the E9X M3 application, proving that RE's simple and effective method of lower pivot tension control maintains reliability, durability, and longevity.

The factory selector rod is replaced with a heavier, TIG welded, stainless steel replacement. The additional mass makes the shifts feel factory smooth, while allowing for reduced throws. The weighted selector rod is twice the mass of the factory selector rod (factory v Rogue Engineering, 120g to 245g).

Rogue Engineering uses factory replacement pivot cups and locking circlips to secure the shifter together. These are the same components used in all current model BMWs.

*** Does not include shift knob/extension. Shift knob and extension are available for purchase separately, Here ***
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