• Challenge F10 M5 Carbon Fiber Race Trunk

    F10 M5 - Race / Full Carbon



One of the most exciting programs developing for the F10 M5 is from Challenge Engineering. While the F10 M5 is already a world-beating performance car, its overall weight is certainly not a performance advantage. Reducing the car's weight will be one of the most critical factors in improving overall performance, and Challenge has already been attacking this problem in earnest. Their carbon fiber roof is a no-holds-barred offering for those who will stop at nothing to reduce weight, but the new carbon fiber trunk is something that offers an excellent weight savings with less compromise in functionality.
The Challenge carbon fiber trunk is designed to look just like the OE BMW trunk, while offering a 70% weight savings over stock. The new trunk is constructed from carbon fiber with a carbon kevlar inner lining for added strength, and integrates perfectly with the OE trunk badge, locking mechanism, and trunk carpeting. The weight savings is found at the extreme rear of the car, helping not only with a contribution to a lower center of gravity, but also to a lower polar moment of inertia.
The Challenge Engineering carbon fiber trunk weighs in at a weightless 9.5lbs, while the OE BMW trunk has a 31lb weight!
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