• Rogue Engineering Rear Trailing Arm Bushing

    E46, including M3.


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The bushing material used in Rogue Engineering Performance RTABs are now available in two different compounds, specifically for your needs. Both compounds now incorporate a silicone impregnated, polyurethane compound. The biggest different being the hardness of the material.

This hardness is important in this bushing especially in modified vehicles, since they will exert more force on the rear suspension during acceleration.

The inner sleeve that supports the bushings is made from 6061-T6 aluminum, CNC'd to exacting specifications for a perfect fit, here in the good 'ole USA.

Black compound:

This compound is formulated for STREET applications. Softer than our blue, TRACK compound, these are stiffer than stock factory OEM bushings and designed to last much longer than stock. Since these are the great compromise between OEM and our TRACK bushing. Engineered to approximately Shore A 93 hardness.

Blue compound:

This harder compound is designed for TRACK applications, where monoball components are not allowed. Less expensive than full Delrin bushings, these bushings are extremely stiff to provide the absolute maximum performance at the TRACK. Purposefully engineered to approximately Shore D 65 hardness.

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