• E82 1M Rogue Engineering Short Shift Kit

    E82 1M Rogue Engineering Short Shift Kit



Rogue's 1M short shift kit is designed from years of experience building BMW shifters, and addresses many unique shortcomings of the OEM shifting system that are often left ignored with more basic short shifter solutions. From the shift carrier on, Rogue has improved on BMW's own shifter design.

Rogue's modified BMW shift carrier raises the pivot point of the shifter, effectively raising the handle height without increasing the length of the throw for a more ergonomic solution. The carrier also perfectly centers the shift lever, giving the correct shifting geometry, ensuring a smooth feel. Delrin carrier bushings round out the carrier, and give the shift lever itself a stable base with no deflection, for added precision.

By relocating the shift lever's position up and to the rear, the shifter is positioned closer to the steering wheel for a better, more ergonomic feel. A special selector rod also allows for better geometry and a properly aligned shift mechanism.
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