• Fall Line Motorsports E9x M3 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    E90 / E92 / E93 M3



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The Fall Line Motorsports E9x M3 Carbon Fiber driveshafts are constructed with a proprietary wrapping process that enables extreme strength in torsion and aligns the fibers for the highest possible durability. Fall Line’s carbon driveshaft dramatically reduces driveline weight, removing rotational inertia for improved engine response.

Fall Line’s driveshafts use a dual filament winding process which carries over to the most demanding environments of Formula 1 and military applications. All bonding is done in an Autoclave pressure and temperature controlled environment, and the aluminum end yokes are machined from 7075 alloy for extreme strength. Each driveshaft is tested beyond 10,000 RPM and over 186mph, and is also tested to over 3600 foot pounds of torque. The Fall Line driveshafts are life cycle fatigue tested at over 1,400 foot pounds for stunning durability.

OEM MT: approx 24.89lbs
OEM DCT: approx 25.81lbs

Fall Line MT: approx 11.5lbs 

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