• BBS CI-R Set - 20"

    F80 M3

    F82 / F83 M4

    SKU : BBS-CIR20


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BBS has been a wheel technology pioneer since the company’s early days, starting with modular racing wheels, and moving to one piece wheels in nearly every variation possible. BBS’ innovations are innumerable, and have touched every aspect of wheel manufacturing, from advanced wheel shape design, to new and innovative manufacturing techniques, to industry-leading approaches to metallurgy and ultra-modern manufacturing.

One of BBS’ key innovations was the Flow Formed wheel. Rather than a simple pressure-cast wheel, the Flow Formed wheel includes a pressure-cast center, but takes a unique approach to creating the barrel section. The barrel is spun to its shape and width through tremendous force, giving the wheel’s barrel characteristics that are more similar to a forged wheel than a cast one - by drawing the barrel section in this flow forming process, the material in the barrel achieves a low porosity and excellent grain alignment. 

BBS' new CI-R wheel gives us the same excellent material properties at an incredibly low cost, while offering BBS fans access to the incredible FI style spoke shape for an iconic appearance and overall lower weight.

F8x M3/M4 Fitment:

Front: 20x9" / et +25 / 26.5lbs

Rear: 20x10.5" / +35 / 27lbs

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