• 20" BBS FI Wheel Set

    BMW F10 M5
    SKU : BBSFI20


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Until just two years ago, the iconic BBS FI wheel was a secret BBS project, concealed from the general public. The FI project was meant to be a statement from BBS- a wheel that carried every ounce of the lessons learned from BBS’ three decades of racing experience, the FI was BBS’ trump card to silence the hoards of fly by night wheel companies.

Year after year, the FI was a wheel only available for preview to the privileged few. Only those “in the know” were lucky enough to have a look at the wheels. After countless design revisions, pricing changes, and international negotiations, the FI was still a wheel kept behind trade show counters, inside closed offices, and out of the public eye.

One Piece Forged Aluminum Wheels designed and produced in the Motorsports department. The ultimate wheels for performance minded BMW owners. Covered by U.S. Pat. D606,921 and European OHIM Reg. No. 000 803 952


  • 20 x 9.5 ET 26
  • 20 x 10.5 ET 28
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