• Active Autowerke N54/N55 Sport Intercooler

    E82 / E88 135 - N54 / N55

    E90 / E92 / E93 335 - N54 / N55



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This BMW 135i, 335i intercooler has the largest swept area that could possibly be fitted within the narrow space confines that the BMW factory allowed. Simply put, this BMW intercooler will perform and deliver consistent, reliable power run after run without power robbing heat soak.
Some minor cutting is required. This Active Autowerke BMW intercooler features the industry standard of a bar and plate core design with seamless cast end tanks with 2.25" inlet and outlets for the least amount of air restrictions possible.
Proper placement of heavy duty mounting tabs ensure for a good fitment. Included in each intercooler kit is all the piping necessary with heavy duty silicone hoses and clamps all for a smooth, trouble free installation.
Designed specifically for the BMW E8X 135i and E9X 335i in 2 door and 4 door configurations. Just specify your particular model and the kit will be built to include all the necessary hardware for your specific application at no additional cost to you. Minor trimming may be needed for proper fitment.

Large but compact, it delivers the performance reliably and consistently as intended with the added features to be reversible if the need arises.



Industry standard bar and plate core design for that rugged construction
Delivers substantially more internal airflow than the factory BMW unit
No heat soak measured on street application
Delivers an increase in performance consistenly
Cast end tanks with sturdy mounting bosses
Full aluminum piping with proper silicone hoses and clamps for a trouble free, simple install
Detailed CD instructions featuring mostly pictures with less text
Easy to install to the factory set-up with the benefits of reversibility if needed


Intercooler core dimensions 6.00" Tall, 20.00" Wide, 6.00" Thick
Capable for up to 550 WHP
Finished in BLACK for a stealth look

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