• 3D Design Right Hand Drive Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers (2x2)

    F80 M3 (RHD)
    F82/F83 M4 (RHD)


    SKU : 3302-28211



The BMW Performance division has done an incredible job offering customers a wide array of cosmetic and performance accessories for their vehicles. The new F8X M3/M4 program is no stranger to their attention and brings with it the most comprehensive program of cosmetic accessories yet. Unfortunately, for our friends that drive on the other side of the road or the correct side, depending on your allegiance, BMW Performance division left them without a carbon fiber mirror cap to complete the package. In recognition of this absence, 3D Design is proud to offer their fellow right hand drive F8X friends a stunning solution.

The 3D Design right hand drive carbon fiber mirror cover is manufactured in Japan and utilizes the same 2x2 weave that is used across the BMW Performance line. Fitment is flawless and look is equally stunning.



  • Carbon fiber replacement mirror cover
  • 2x2 weave (BMW Performance weave)
  • Made in Japan
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