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iND is on the cover of European car this month!

Published on October 28, 2013 by in Uncategorized

iND is on the cover of European car this month special thanks to Jason, Sam and Falken Tire!

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Frozen black E92 M3 by iND (From AZ to IL)

HRE P43SC E9x M3 19×9.5 ET22/19×10.5 ET27 Satin Black
Stoptech trophy front and rear with colored logos removed
Akrapovic EVO with carbon tips
ESS Direct flash
Vorsteiner Type II carbon diffuser
Ground control E9x M3 camber plates
Euro front bumper painted Frozen black by iND
Carbon side grilles with Dark LED’s
Carbon front grilles
iND Frozen black key hole cover
Macht Schnell 75mm Stud Kit
Project Kics R40 black chrome
RKP GTS front lip (top section only) in Gloss carbon
BMWPedals – Extended Billet DCT Shifter Paddles (Holes) + (Black Anodizing)

9314281107_10ff3b2690_h 10091108754_539b1e8252_h 10142578695_f877384672_h 10177730336_664d087165_h 10194040815_6cd320d6ac_h 10194355886_9f8aac7915_h 10195789574_84f084daf9_h 10293921844_44c2faf755_h 10296735845_dbd352b134_h 10297298716_622d14fa96_h 10297643926_39d3f42c61_h

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The 3D Design M6 Aero Program

The 3D Design M6 Aero Program

As we have all witnessed with the release of the F10 M5, FXX M6, and now the F80/F82 M3/M4, BMW is continuing to push for more extroverted styling with the production M cars. For a BMW tuner this means that designing a piece, whether it is an exhaust system or front lip, requires a more sophisticated approach. This is evident in the new installment to the 3D Design aero program, the 3D Design F06/F12/F13 M6.

At first glance it is apparent that the 3D aero kit is one with the spirit of the M6. Every piece of the aero program pays particular attention to the unique body lines of the chassis. The dips, curves, and twists are continued through each and every piece. While taking a closer look at the front lip, it is easy to notice how the line of the lip meticulously follows the lines of the front bumper prior to dropping into a subtle 2-piece splitter. The trunk spoiler takes on a more aggressive approach by borrow some inspiration from the Moto GP F10 M5. One of the most impressive aspects of the entire kit is the rear diffuser. The rear diffuser is aggressive, but tasteful. As a substitute for the approach of adding massive fins, 3D Design opted for a 2 piece bolt on lower section that beautifully frames the exhaust tips. The kit is rounded out with a carbon fiber bolt on side-skirt.

The goal of 3D Design is not to simply add a few simple design elements to the already gorgeous M6. As a quintessential Japanese entity, 3D Design’s designers are consumed by perfection. Although the kit is beautiful as a complete solution, every piece is designed as a standalone solution.

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Eisenmann Germany partners up Team Meisel Motorsport and their SLK340!

Eisenmann Germany  presents their new partnership with Meisel motorsport!

As part of the project “SLK340 they will develop the complete exhaust system that will provide for optimum engine performance, torque and  inciting sound.  As consultants, developers and supporters, we are available on the team page.

All information about the team and the project Meisel SLK 340 can be found on their site http://www.slk340.com/ on the homepage.

Enjoy the pictures!

9775941673_8472c6a3c6_b eisenmann2 eisenmann1 eisenmann

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IND | 399

Published on August 27, 2013 by in Uncategorized

One of the most rewarding moments as an IND employee is the opportunity to witness firsthand the passion and excitement of our clients as they work toward creating their dream M car. On a daily basis we take part in the beginning, continuation, and end of a vehicles evolution. For this stunning Atlantis Metallic E92 M3 the journey is just gaining momentum.

The progression of this Atlantis Metallic (paint code 399) coupe began with a simple phone call regarding painted reflectors. Like many BMW fans, the owner of this M3 was a bit apprehensive about the Atlantis Metallic paint color, and was unsure about his color choice. The order with BMW was fresh and was eligible for cancelation at a moment’s notice. To help our client confirm his color choice, IND sent painted reflectors long before the car was delivered to our client. Once the paint sample was in hand a series of phone calls and even an in-person meeting at BimmerFest West took place, in an effort to string together a general outline for 399’s first iteration. It was clear the owner had a passion for detail and perfection, and knew that he wanted his modifications to standout, but also possess an “OEM plus” feel.





Our client is no stranger to high performance cars, and knew that this M3 would need some additional pep in its step. With the odometer reading just past the break-in period the S65B40 engine received a ESS VT2-625 kit. While in the engine bay we took the opportunity to tidy things up a bit and provide the Atlantis clad coupe with a more cohesive scheme. The valve covers received a high-temp textured black powder and the coils are now protected from the elements via color-matched ignition coil covers. The power is aurally translated with the assistance from an Eisenmann sport exhaust mated to the high flow catted Challenge sport x-pipe.


There is something nostalgic about an analog gauge, but as individuals immersed in the ebb and flow of performance technology we were giddy about the release of the Awron gauge. The seamless integration and factory bright OLED display fit the E9X M3′s interior perfectly. The functionality and diagnostic capability of the unit is near second to none. In continuation with their goal of seamless integration, Awron even offers the display with a specially machined ESS velocity stack capable of receiving both an IAT and Boost sending unit adapter.






To stay with the OEM plus theme the seats and door panels of the E92 were removed from the vehicle. These pieces then received a touch of Alcantara to individualize the interior without detracting from a factory fit and look. For the center dash trim inspiration was taken from the M3 GTS name plate. The logo was borrowed from the notorious GTS and a subtle Atlantis hand pinstriped 399 was added below the logo. The OEM carbon door trim then received a splash of color via an Atlantis hand pinstriped accent line.

It is always a pleasure to immerse ourselves in a customer’s vision and is even more special when we are a direct part of bringing this vision to reality. Although this is the first iteration of 399, we are confident that the car’s owner will enjoy it and look forward to the next phase of 399′s evolution.










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Eisenmann Originals: The F30 335i

Published on July 24, 2013 by in Uncategorized

Any fan of BMW will tell you that the release of a new 3 series platform is a significant event indeed. The BMW 3 series has been the sports sedan to beat for five generations, and BMW continues to build on this tradition of excellence with the 6 generation of the 3 series, the F30. The F30 sedan maintains the dynamic behavior of the E90, while adding a host of luxury features and simultaneously saving weight. In essence it is yet another step forward in the BMW 3 series legacy.

Similarly, Eisenmann has been building performance exhaust systems for the BMW 3 series since the beginning of the 3 series. With each new chassis the engineers at Eisenmann GmbH develop a complimentary exhaust system, designed to build upon the sporting personality of the car as designed by BMW. Eisenmann adds to their 3 series program with the new F30 335i exhaust system and continues their own Eisenmann tradition of excellence.

A host of tip styles are available to further personalize the F30- the classic 2x83mm, aggressive 2x90mm, and the striking 4x76mm tips. Each system is hand built to order and available in a Sport sound level for a refined tone that is discreet during daily driving, or a Race sound level that truly brings a sports car sound from the 335i.

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New iND Parts and Accessories website!

IND continues to improve our client’s experience, and this month has introduced our brand new website to allow for easier browsing, research, and shopping.

IND’s new site includes an easy to navigate Portfolio section to showcase our previous Portfolio projects, an online shopping cart function for easier order processing, and an overall smoother functionality and presentation. Please click over to http://ind-distribution.com/ind/ have a look around!



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Steel Harmony

Jesal has been a member of the Chicago European Car community for so long, it seems like he has been involved since the very birth of the Euro scene here in the Midwest. As a moderator of our local EuroTeknik forum and an active member of our community for almost two decades, Jesal is a key part of the IND team. His perpetually flawless Silverstone E90 M3 doesn’t hurt, either.

This past week we had an opportunity to flog Jesal’s M3 in an attempt to truly capture the sound of his Eisenmann Sport exhaust as combined with the Challenge HFC x pipe. We travelled from the IND offices to a closed section of road where we could really open the car up, and this video was the result.

ESS Tune
Eisenmann Sport Exhaust
Challenge Sport X-pipe (high flow cats)
Dinan 4.10 dif

KW V3 Coilovers
19″ Work Meister S1R wheels
Project Kics Lug Nuts in NeoChrome
Macht Schell Stud Kit

3D Design Carbon Fiber rear diffuser
RKP CRT Front Lip in Carbon Fiber
BMW Edition Front Grilles
BMW Edition Side Grilles
BMW Performance Spoiler with CRT stripe
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A stunning combination

Published on June 13, 2013 by in Uncategorized

This F13 M6 arrived at our facility with a perfect list of factory options. The Silverstone paint finish is a perfect compliment to the discreet supercar persona of the M6, and optional additions like BMW’s amazing carbon ceramic brake rotors hint at this GT car’s incredible performance capabilities. The brake caliper color works perfectly well against the Silverstone paint, and gives the car an extremely elegant feel right from BMW.

In spite of the excellent choices made when this M6 beast was ordered, any car enthusiast understands that no car is quite complete when delivered from the factory.

Our client opted to address the details BMW overlooked by changing to gloss black front and side grilles, and adding painted reflectors in the Silverstone color. An Eisenmann Race performance rear section was added to give the M6 exhaust the personality and volume it deserves while retaining a quiet and comfortable cruising sound that is critical for any good GT car.

Together, these simple additions perfect what was already an excellent M6. Enjoy the photos!

Eisenmann Race with 4x102mm tips
iND Gloss black side grilles
iND Gloss black front grilles with Night Vision
iND Silverstone II A29 front painted reflectors
charcoal filter delete
carbon ceramic brakes

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The Right Stuff

Published on June 13, 2013 by in Uncategorized

If your goal is to create the best possible finished product, it’s smart to start with the best possible ingredients. Our client chose BBS, KW, Akrapovic, ESS, Brembo and other industry greats to perfect his M3, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. Enjoy the photos!

ESS VT2-585
Jerez black custom painted manifold by iND
Brembo 365mm/345 kit
KW Sleeve kit
BBS RE-V’s 19×9 +22 and 19×10 +25 in Diamond black
5mm spacer front and rear
iND Jerez black painted reflectors
OEM BMW Edition grilles front and side
Akrapovic E92/93 M3 EVO with Carbon fiber tips


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