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One small step for M, one giant leap for M fans: IND takes Euro delivery of our M4

Published on July 17, 2014 by in Uncategorized

Ultimately, all of us on BimmerPost are followers of the nearly 50 year old tradition that is BMW M. Whether you’re a vendor, an M owner, or both, we all fly the same flag. Since the humble beginning of BMW M with a small 35 person staff, M engineers have resolutely marched in the same direction: building the best race-derived road cars in the world. IND staff has been following the M tradition since the E36 M3’s heyday, and we are privileged, honored, and humbled to participate in M’s next step. Like all M3/M4 owners, we have taken the giant leap forward that is the F82 M4.

Ownership of our M4 started with Euro delivery, flawlessly arranged for us by Steve Thomas BMW. Euro Delivery is one of the best ways to get acquainted with a new M car. The German countryside, the Autobahn, and of course the birthplace of BMW Motorsport are uniquely able to inspire an M enthusiast to fall in love with an M car, and this was precisely the case when we got to the BMW Welt to pick up our M4.

Although I had to take a traditional “BMW Welt” shot, I’ll spare you the details of the amazing facility- many have already covered the Welt delivery experience in fantastic threads, so save for a few highlights I will move forward with my trip.

A classic 3.0 CSL “Batmobile” race car- this represents one of the origins of BMW M, and is one of M’s first creations. Because this car was also an art car designed by Frank Stella, seeing it in the flesh was truly like seeing a piece of BMW history.

One thing we’ll miss about classic race cars are the incredibly wide and low offset BBS race wheels used in the 70s and 80s. These classic spoke patterns and amazing wheel sizes are something we will likely never see again.

BMW displayed their E90 chassis clay model, giving us a fascinating view into the BMW development process. I can just imagine artists and designers working hard to shape the clay into BMW’s future- it must be an extremely exciting moment!

No trip through the BMW Motorsport history books would be complete without a look at the classic M1, and the amazing E46 M3 GTR. While both of these projects had their dramas during their service life, BMW M would not be the company it is today without either. Each is a critical component of the M story.

With our IND keys firmly in hand, we headed out to the German countryside, knowing that we would eventually have to hand over these keys and our amazing new car to Eisenmann.

Our first stop was our hotel in Heidelberg, a place we stop at each year. You can see more photos of this incredible town in our previous Germany trip stories:


We stopped in town to take some photos of the new M4, and found a local German admirer of the car. He stopped us to ask questions about the car, and shot photos of it for nearly 30 minutes! Talking to another fellow M4 fan truly made me feel lucky to participate in the M4’s history, and to enjoy such an amazing car in a place like Heidelberg.

Finally, I was back at our home away from home in Germany, Eisenmann GmbH. The ultimate purpose of our trip, our mission, is to help Eisenmann create the best exhaust system available for the M3 and M4 cars. It was for this that we purchased our F82 M4, for this that I made this voyage to Germany. Eisenmann has been planning and preparing for months now with the original BMW exhaust system components already at the facility and being studied carefully by the engineers, but it will take real study of the M4 as delivered by BMW M to truly create something special.

Finally, after nearly 5,000 miles and months of waiting and preparation, our IND M4 was on Eisenmann’s lift. The engineers at Eisenmann could not wait to truly dig in to the car, and apply their concepts and designs to a real M4.

Over the next three months, Eisenmann will meticulously digitize every inch of the M4’s floor, firewall, engine bay, and exhaust system as it connects with every related component.

By combining acoustic simulation, actual acoustic testing both in a lab and on-road environment, dyno testing, and computer aided design, Eisenmann will create an exhaust system for the M4 that is truly unique. We will work tirelessly with Eisenmann to ensure that they achieve nothing short of perfection by giving them our own M4 project car for hundreds of miles of road testing, as well as testing on the famous Nurburgring.

Please stay tuned as we work hard to develop our M4 demo car, both in Germany and then when it arrives in the United States!

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The RKP M6 front lip is here!

Published on July 3, 2014 by in Uncategorized

RKP continues a tradition of flawless fit, incredible surface finish, and the most carefully plotted designs in the industry with their M6 front lip.

The brand new M6 front lip was designed with extreme attention to detail, and special care to not only maintain but also to continue the original BMW body lines and design language. RKP also worked hard to design this lip for excellent drivability- placing the lowest point of the lip no further than the lowest point of the original BMW bumper.

The RKP M6 front lips are available in 1×1 plain weave, 2×2 twill weave, or any number of custom weave patters, along with matte and gloss carbon finishes. Each lip is hand built from 100% carbon fiber with no additional filler materials used.

Please contact an IND representative for more information!

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IND wheel fitment compilation thread, M3 and M4

Published on June 26, 2014 by in BBS, BMW, Falken

IND Distribution has been dedicated to the BMW M car since the company’s inception, and through nearly a decade of commitment have done everything possible to learn the secrets of BMW M to a science. We have explored every aspect of BMW’s marvelously engineered machines, and work tirelessly to ensure that our client base is always at the forefront of available information.

Today, we are proud to announce that in cooperation with BBS North America and Falken Tire we have made the first critical steps to understanding the M3/M4’s wheel well packaging, and in turn the available space we can use to install wider wheels and tires.

While IND specializes in custom tailoring widths and offsets specifically to the client, this document will provide some good basic guidelines for what we’ve found works, and what does not. IND will work directly with BBS to develop custom width and offset wheels for the M3 and M4 in the near future, so please keep in mind that what you see here were existing applications and installed on the F80 for testing purposes only.

For those who have not been introduced to the BBS brand, please have a look at our photo tour of both the main German BBS manufacturing facility, as well as the more elusive tour of the German headquarters of BBS Motorsport:



BBS has been responsible for creating some of the best road and racing wheels in the world, and have contributed more to the modern racing wheel than any other wheel manufacturer. We can think of no better company to partner with, for this or any other project.

With all of this said, we are happy to present our findings to the M3/M4 community!

Late last night, one of the first F80 M3s in our area rumbled its way into our warehouse for the first ever test fit of performance wheels on this chassis. After several hours of measuring wheel well clearance, damper position, and the shape and packaging of the car’s brake system, we were finally ready to move on to the good stuff- actually test fitting wheels!

A few basic cliff notes are in order, before we get into the details of our findings:

  • Please keep in mind that IND custom tailors each set of wheels we sell to each client we have, and that the information below should serve only as basic guide lines.
  • We’re happy to say that the OE brakes easily clear 18″, 19″, and of course 20″ wheels. This car should accept a wide range of wheels and tires both for the track and the street!
  • We’re also happy to announce that this car can easily accept very wide wheels! Thus far we’ve focused on 9.5″ wide front wheels, and 10.5″ wide rear wheels.
  • We’ve found that a 9.5″ wide front wheel with a +27 offset, and a 10.5″ wide rear wheel with a +35 offset will be very flush fitment on the F80 chassis, giving the car an aggressive stance for a good basic setup.
  • We’ve also determined that a 275/30/19 front tire and 295/30/19 rear tire are a small 2% smaller in rolling diameter than the tires originally provided by BMW, and are a great fit and sizing combination for both appearance and performance.

The M3, with IND’s custom painted engine cover.

Installing our Macht Schnell stud conversion kit.

Measuring maximum caliper diameter.

Our test subjects for the night.

The BBS RE wheels, mounted on our client’s F80 M3. These were a good fit in front when spaced to a +27 offset, and just a touch too flush in the rear, at a +30 offset.

Wheel fitment close ups of the BBS RE wheels. You can see that the 9.5″ wide wheel works perfectly with a +27 offset, but the 10.5″ wide wheel should be just a touch higher offset for a great fit.

The BBS FI wheels. At a 9.5″ front width with a +26 offset, the front FI fit nearly perfectly. The 10.5″ +28 rear wheel was too aggressive.

Front brake clearance shots of the 19″ BBS CH-R wheels. Plenty of space!

Front and rear brake clearance shot of the 18″ BBS FI wheels, again showing available space.

We will continue to update this thread as we learn more about these amazing new machines. All of us at IND are absolutely thrilled to begin to study, analyze, and develop the M3 and M4 to their fullest potential.

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All Smiles! The E93 M3 Build

Published on June 11, 2014 by in Uncategorized

As a man who caters to people’s smiles each and every day, attention to detail is not simply a character trait for Jeff (/Nice.braces), it is literally a way of life. When it was time to modify Jeff’s beautiful E93 M3, we began with the installation of a Vorsteiner front bumper, and progressed gradually to a performance car that had no component left untouched, no detail left unexamined, and the kind of dedication to an overall vision that can only be a result of countless hours of careful planning.

Describing this car component by component would take pages, so we will make do with a list of modifications. We know that M3Post enthusiasts will quickly see and understand that only a person who lives and breathes detail every day could envision a project like this E93, and we at IND are honored to have taken part in creating this incredible car.

Enjoy the photos!

-All photos courtesy of Mike Maravilla@Unscene Media Group and Jeremy Cliff


  • Vorsteiner GTS5 front bumper with Melbourne Red CRT accent
  • Vorsteiner Type II rear diffuser
  • IND custom built rocker panels and rear bumper
  • Gintani carbon fiber side skirts and rear bumper canards
  • Front bumper, rocker, and rear bumper mesh painted gloss black
  • OSS Designs custom headlights
  • custom painted E93 M3 trunk spoiler
  • custom painted mirror base
  • IND M5 mirror scheme with hand pin-striped accent, custom alpine white gradient
  • custom painted door handles with hand pin-stripe accent
  • custom painted side marker with hand pin-striped accent
  • gloss black hood vents with gloss black mesh
  • OEM European mirror gloss
  • OEM European taillights with light tint.
  • Custom painted M3 trunk emblem
  • Gloss black front grill set with gloss black slats.
  • Light tinted LED
  • Painted gloss black window trim
  • Alekshop front and rear camera


  • Black leather dash with fox red stitching
  • Custom alpine white floor mat piping with fox red stitching
  • Upholstered passenger door pull with tri-stitch
  • Embroidered head rest with tri-stitch surround
  • Black leather front and rear seat accents
  • upholstered center arm partition with black leather and fox red stitching
  • Modified OEM GTS carbon center console for E93 convertible switch
  • Custom carbon fiber Nexon steering wheel
  • OEM GTS Y-plate with hand pin striped accent. Painted BMW Frozen Black
  • Painted DCT knob with hand pin-stripe accent
  • BMW Performance interior trim with hand pin-striped accent
  • OEM European sun visor set
  • OEM European fog light switch
  • OEM M-power e-brake handle
  • Custom illuminated door sills

Wheels and Suspension:

  • Vorsteiner VS-110 in satin charcoal
  • Hand pin-striped Melbourne red center caps and logos
  • Macht Schnell 75mm stud kit
  • Project Kics black chrome R40 locking lug nut set
  • KW H.A.S kit
  • Ground Control camber plates


  • Brembo GT 380mm drilled rotor brake kit
  • Custom painted Melbourne red with black chrome logo

Engine, exhaust, misc. performance, and coding:

  • Akrapovic slip-on with carbon fiber exhaust tips
  • Dinan intake kit
  • BPM tune
  • powder coated valve covers
  • painted gloss black ignition coil covers
  • painted S65 plenum with hand pin-striped accent. Custom painted M3 badge.
  • Hand pin-striped under hood logos
  • gloss black intake cover
  • gloss black front intake snorkel partition
  • Custom coding by ModMyNav
  • Smarttop module

Read more…

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RKP E92/93 M3 Rear diffuser (New Release)

Published on June 2, 2014 by in Uncategorized

RKP’s next entry in their E92/93 M3 catalog follows the same guiding philosophy RKP has pursued throughout their tenure as a manufacturer for the chassis- provide race inspired parts with excellent fit, and fantastic weight and rigidity.

The RKP rear diffuser consists of two pronounced outside channels and a more subtle center structure, giving the diffuser an appearance that is a clear homage to racing cars. The diffuser is built by hand from pre-preg carbon fiber, is available in plain (1×1) or twill (2×2) weave, and like all RKP parts boasts flawless fit and finish.

Each RKP diffuser can be custom finished by IND Distribution in matte carbon, or with any number of paint combinations including a body color center to further accentuate the outside channels.

Please contact an IND representative for more information!

Gloss carbon 

With painted center option 

Optional painted center- 


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iND F10 M5 “The Blue Deluge” in Yas Marina Blue

Published on May 7, 2014 by in Uncategorized

The general who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect his country and do good service for his sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom.

-Sun Wu, The Art of War, chapter 10, 510 B.C.

The release of the F10 M5 brought an excitement and clamor to the BMW tuning community that had not been seen in many years. The amazing S63tu engine showed a tremendous amount of promise, and the chassis seemed mechanically ready for anything. IND’s own initial testing of the M5 proved this car to be simultaneously an incredibly competent track monster, and a docile and polite street car. BMW Motorsport had certainly achieved their lofty goals and created the ultimate executive sedan. The incredible success of modifying the MSS60 engine control computer found in the E92 M3 left tuners confident and excited about the S63 found in the F10 M5, prior to the car’s release.

Unfortunately for tuners, hackers, and tinkerers around the world, much of the F10 M5’s beauty was digital- an interface of man, machine, and computer system, perfectly guiding each steel and aluminum component of this incredible super sedan in flawless synthesis to achieve the car’s otherworldly performance. Unlike the E92 M3 just before it, the F10 M5 proved to be a tough nut to crack indeed, with no tuner to this day having flawless control over the chassis and engine control computers. Although some have achieved impressive figures by combining very mild ECU control with piggy back computers, wired in series with the original sensors to trick signals going to the original BMW ECUs, no tuner in the world has full control of the amazing BMW computer systems.

With this development, the staff of IND finally knew (a temporary) defeat. We understood that without complete and total control of the engine control computers, no built engine or extra large turbochargers would help us to arrive at the extreme power levels we desired.

It was time for a momentary retreat. We had to regroup, asses our goals, and truly understand our mission and the reason for spending tens of thousands on the IND F10 M5.

Ultimately we have always understood that we own this car to better the BMW enthusiast community. We use this M5 to study, learn, and make mistakes, and ultimately to create great products and parts for M5 fans everywhere. With that knowledge came a new mission statement: to create a deluge of great parts for M5 owners to enjoy on a daily basis. With that new mission statement came a new name: the Blue Deluge. We would attack the M5 from every angle, creating components that allow our clients to have the most unique parts and therefore the most unique M5s. We would develop components ranging from splitters to brake pads, giving our clients the ability to improve their M5’s appearance, performance, and individuality. We would develop and test fit parts on our own car, before sending them off to our clients, to ensure the highest level of quality.

It is with this in mind that we re-tooled the M5 project to what it is today: a street-driven, turn key test bed for all of the best components available for the F10 M5. Many of the original components remain- the AMS downpipes, the larger AMS-built turbos, the KW 3 way adjustable ClubSport coilovers, and so on, but many will be adjusted and modified for more civilized behavior. We have raised our ClubSports for a more easy to use ground clearance, we have re-installed the original BMW interior, and have removed the roll bar. We have repainted the car in BMW’s amazing Yas Marina Blue finish, removing the racing livery inspired design the car sported in 2013. This version of IND’s M5 sports an RKP front lip and rear diffuser, combining the clean and well integrated lines of those pieces with RKP’s new 4×4 weave give the exterior of our M5 a show car appearance.

Throughout the summer of 2014 we will continue to test new components, design great parts for the F10 M5, and to make mistakes. We will lend the car to local M5 owners so that they can experience these components first hand, and we will use this car as a proving ground for exactly what the M5 is best at: a car that can perform perfectly at the race track on Saturday, while still taking you to the office on Monday.

We hope you enjoy the photos of IND’s re-invented M5 project, the Blue Deluge.

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OEM BMW GTS roll bar #158 at iND!

Published on April 11, 2014 by in Uncategorized

OEM BMW GTS roll bar #158….now at iND!

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IND Painted Reflector Installation For the F22 M235i

Published on April 7, 2014 by in Uncategorized
IND Painted Reflector Installation Procedure

Painted reflectors are among the first additions made by any owner of a modern BMW. The unsightly orange reflectors installed in cars bound for North America instantly break the smooth lines of BMW bumpers.

IND provides painted reflectors as a cost effective solution. We use OE BMW reflectors for a factory fit, and the same paint process we would use to repaint an entire car. Each reflector is sanded, prepped for paint, primed, then painted.

Many enthusiasts enjoy installing their own painted reflectors, so we’ve created this installation DIY to help.

Tools needed:

• 8mm socket and ratchet

Step 1:
The first step is to gain access to the fender liner. This can be achieved by turning the wheel full lock toward the inside of the side you are working on. As a result of this action you have a clear view of the fender liner as well as the fasteners

Step 2:
Now that the fender liner is visible take the socket and remove 3-4 of the fasters so that you can safely access the reflector.

Step 3: 
The F22 reflectors are not secured with double-sided tape, but rather snapped into place. There are two tabs on the backside of the reflector and the safest way to remove the factory piece is to depress the tab inward and simultaneously push the reflector. Once you have one end loosened you can repeat with the other tab.

Step 4:
Installation is as simple as push the reflectors into place. This is performed from the outside of the bumper

Step 5:
Now that your reflectors are installed it is time to button everything up. Simply replace the fasteners on the fender liner and repeat with the other side.

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IND Custom M5 Floor Mat Set

Published on April 1, 2014 by in Uncategorized

From the factory the F10 M5 interior is a touch understated. Lacking the traditional ///M embroidered floor mat set typically seen in M cars of years past, all of us at IND made the ///M5 embroidery our top priority. We start with an original BMW floor mat, and modify each mat with a custom embroidered ///M5 logo (front, rear, passenger, and driver). From there we offer the option to have the surrounding edges of the mat upholstered in one of nearly one hundred custom colors to create a unique interior addition. The IND mats can be color matched to almost any BMW paint color, or be created in a contrasting color.

Orders can be placed directly with an IND representative or via our website:

Phone: 866-963-4520 (local 847-963-4520)
Email: info@ind-distribution.com


Please contact an IND representative for more information!

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iND| RKP FI by BBS Motorsport

Most E9x M3 fans still remember when the BBS FI wheel finally made its appearance in the US.

As a wheel manufacturer that can proudly refer to a 44 year history of building the world’s finest wheels BBS has no need to boast heavily, make sensational statements, or cause controversy to market their wheels. In spite of this, when the BBS FI was released to market the new wheel redefined the performance wheel for the entire industry, pushed the envelope of light weight and high strength, and inspired dozens of copies and replicas and homages from small and large wheel manufacturers all across the world.

It is safe to say that the BBS FI is truly a pinnacle wheel, and stands head and shoulders above the rest of the wheel industry.

The FI has been available in 19 inch and 20 inch applications, but Germany’s RKP brand felt that the performance potential of this great wheel had not yet been maximized. To that end, RKP has created a special version of the FI wheel in an 18 inch diameter. The 18 inch FI wheel allows M3 fans to use many popular sizes of ultra high performance and racing tires, and breaks new ground with its incredibly low weight. The 18 inch FI wheels weight in at a scant 16.50 lbs in front and 17lbs in the rear for maximum performance while maintaining excellent rigidity. The 18 inch FI wheels are in stock now at IND and ready for custom paint in any finish imaginable.


RKP Exclusive size and offsets!

18 x 9.5 ET 18
18 x 10.5 ET 22

Available for purchase through the IND parts website. Please contact an IND representative for more information:


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