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Steel Harmony

Jesal has been a member of the Chicago European Car community for so long, it seems like he has been involved since the very birth of the Euro scene here in the Midwest. As a moderator of our local EuroTeknik forum and an active member of our community for almost two decades, Jesal is a key part of the IND team. His perpetually flawless Silverstone E90 M3 doesn’t hurt, either.

This past week we had an opportunity to flog Jesal’s M3 in an attempt to truly capture the sound of his Eisenmann Sport exhaust as combined with the Challenge HFC x pipe. We travelled from the IND offices to a closed section of road where we could really open the car up, and this video was the result.

ESS Tune
Eisenmann Sport Exhaust
Challenge Sport X-pipe (high flow cats)
Dinan 4.10 dif

KW V3 Coilovers
19″ Work Meister S1R wheels
Project Kics Lug Nuts in NeoChrome
Macht Schell Stud Kit

3D Design Carbon Fiber rear diffuser
RKP CRT Front Lip in Carbon Fiber
BMW Edition Front Grilles
BMW Edition Side Grilles
BMW Performance Spoiler with CRT stripe
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A stunning combination

Published on June 13, 2013 by in Uncategorized

This F13 M6 arrived at our facility with a perfect list of factory options. The Silverstone paint finish is a perfect compliment to the discreet supercar persona of the M6, and optional additions like BMW’s amazing carbon ceramic brake rotors hint at this GT car’s incredible performance capabilities. The brake caliper color works perfectly well against the Silverstone paint, and gives the car an extremely elegant feel right from BMW.

In spite of the excellent choices made when this M6 beast was ordered, any car enthusiast understands that no car is quite complete when delivered from the factory.

Our client opted to address the details BMW overlooked by changing to gloss black front and side grilles, and adding painted reflectors in the Silverstone color. An Eisenmann Race performance rear section was added to give the M6 exhaust the personality and volume it deserves while retaining a quiet and comfortable cruising sound that is critical for any good GT car.

Together, these simple additions perfect what was already an excellent M6. Enjoy the photos!

Eisenmann Race with 4x102mm tips
iND Gloss black side grilles
iND Gloss black front grilles with Night Vision
iND Silverstone II A29 front painted reflectors
charcoal filter delete
carbon ceramic brakes

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The Right Stuff

Published on June 13, 2013 by in Uncategorized

If your goal is to create the best possible finished product, it’s smart to start with the best possible ingredients. Our client chose BBS, KW, Akrapovic, ESS, Brembo and other industry greats to perfect his M3, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. Enjoy the photos!

ESS VT2-585
Jerez black custom painted manifold by iND
Brembo 365mm/345 kit
KW Sleeve kit
BBS RE-V’s 19×9 +22 and 19×10 +25 in Diamond black
5mm spacer front and rear
iND Jerez black painted reflectors
OEM BMW Edition grilles front and side
Akrapovic E92/93 M3 EVO with Carbon fiber tips


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Eisenmann Originals: The 1M

Published on June 7, 2013 by in Uncategorized

BMW’s 1M is a car many people thought would never come. The 1M was a car meant to recapture a spirit lost in the glorious era of 1980’s homologation, and although it is not a true race-bred homologation special it is by 21st century standards a no-nonsense driver’s car. BMW enthusiasts have been asking for a simpler and most importantly slimmer sports car throughout the 2000s as the M3 and M5 have gained weight and sophistication and BMW has finally answered their call with the amazing 1M.

The car is interactive, simple, relatively low in weight, and incredibly fun to drive so it came as no surprise that BMW chose to couple the 1M with the forever iconic E30 M3 in their marketing campaign for their new sports coupe.

Eisenmann GmbH answers the call of BMW enthusiasts by adding their one of a kind roar to the 1M’s already engaging personality. Eisenmann’s engineers have developed a complete downpipe-back exhaust system for the 1M in both a Race and Sport variation that gives the 1M the sound it deserves. Each Eisenmann system features four aggressive 83mm tips, a choice of a silenced or straight through intermediate pipe, and Eisenmann’s unique hand built construction.

In our latest installment of Eisenmann Originals, BMW Blog’s own 1M made the trip to the offices of Eisenmann North America to receive an Eisenmann exhaust system. As this 1M is owned by a BMW fanatic that truly has seen and done all things BMW, we knew that our Eisenmann exhaust had to be nothing short of perfect. The downpipe-back system was installed on the BMW Blog 1M, and from the moment the car first started all present knew that the exhaust had given this compact sports M the sound and persona the car deserved.

Please have a look at our photos and video for a chance to see this great 1M!

5 4 3 2 1


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Sharp Beast

Published on June 6, 2013 by in Uncategorized

M5post member Sharpie12 came in last week to have his OEM wheels powder coated gloss black. We also added 10mm spaces front and rear which gave the M5 a nice aggressive stance with the H&R spring kit. Next up is some AMS downpipes and an RKP rear diffuser

Eisenmann Race with 4x102mm tips
Eurocharged tune
charcoal filters removed
RKP front lip 2×2 weave
Gloss black wheels
iND Cosmetic package front and side grilles + Dark LED’s
iND F10 M5 Singapore front + rear reflectors
iND Gloss black M5 emblem
Painted door handles
Macht Schnell 10mm Spacers front and rear
H&R Springs

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RKP F10 M5 rear diffuser (New release)

Published on May 29, 2013 by in Uncategorized


RKP’s second entry in their F10 M5 catalog follows the same guiding philosophy as their amazing front lip- easy installation and a discreet look that improves over stock without outright removing original body lines.

The rear diffuser of the F10 M5 provides a unique challenge in installation, as the flexible clips interfacing with the M5’s rear bumper must remain absolutely flexible. While it’s possible to have a smooth installation of a carbon fiber or composite diffuser, the nature of these clips makes the proposition very difficult and often unlikely.

The RKP rear diffuser circumvents this problem by first creating an ultra thin skin of carbon fiber, and then bonding this skin to an original BMW rear diffuser. More than a simple overlay, the carbon fiber skin used in this application is layed up individually, and then bonded to the BMW part in a special fixture to ensure perfect fitment.

By building the rear diffuser in this way, RKP has created a component that gives the rear of the car a more aggressive carbon fiber look while maintaining exact OE fit. The original BMW remains in place under the RKP carbon skin, and the fit and finish is second to none as a result.

The appearance of the diffuser follows the original BMW lines exactly, and does not depart from the already effective design of the original BMW part. No extreme fins or protrusions were added, allowing the diffuser to maintain a simple look.

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iND visits Vorsteiner

Published on May 28, 2013 by in Uncategorized

Had the chance to stop by Vorsteiner during the bimmerfest 2013 trip. Such a great looking place and the staff took good care of us

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Improving Perfection

Published on May 10, 2013 by in Uncategorized

How do you take one of the best modified E90 M3s ever created, and make it even better? How do you add to a car nearly any enthusiast would call perfect, without taking the project too far? These are the questions we had to ask ourselves at IND when Felix’s amazing Dakar Yellow BMW Individual M3 arrived at our facility. Although we have all seen photos of this M3 before, and even provided many of the parts already on the car, my heart skipped a beat when this car rolled off of our car transport. Felix is a man of excellent taste, and has already created one of the best machines in the US, in terms of performance, feel, and of course it’s striking appearance.

Adding to this BMW Individual M3 without diluting it’s already spectacular presence and truly completing this M3 was our task. We knew that just a few missteps, a few custom parts too many would take this car too far, and that it would be crucial to proceed with good taste.

Enhancing the car’s details was our ultimate plan of attack, and to that end we addressed the exterior, interior, and engine bay with hopes of taking this M3 from amazing to world-beating.

We started outside the car by adding one of it’s key show pieces- the original carbon fiber mirrors from the BMW Motorsport program. Coupled with the car’s Varis diffuser and IND carbon roof, these mirrors perfectly enhance the personality of this Dakar beast. The remainder of the exterior of this car was already stellar, with BBS FI wheels, Brembo brakes, a Vorsteiner GTS-V front lip, a rear diffuser from 3D Design, and even the rare E90 M3 carbon roof conversion from us at IND, we knew that the exterior could be left well enough alone.

After installing the BMW Motorsport mirrors, we moved on to painted details, and addressed what felt like hundreds of small items. From the gloss black painted fasteners holding the Varis diffuser together, to the gloss black painted hose clamps in the engine bay, to the gloss black painted speaker surrounds inside the car, no stone was left unturned in creating a perfectly finished feel. The engine bay saw a comprehensive refinish with Carbon Fiber strut bars by Dinan, textured black powdercoated valve covers, Dakar yellow ignition coil covers, and painted ESS supercharger and diverter valve. The ESS intake manifold got a coating of Lamborghini’s Grigio Estoque paint, with a special addition of pearl coat from IND.

The bulk of the effort was spent on perfecting the car’s interior. The already fantastic BMW Performance seats were disassembled completely and re-stitched with Dakar Yellow thread in both the seat’s perimeter and BMW Performance logo located in the headrest. The seat backs were repainted in a high gloss black with yellow flake, designed to match the custom IND painted interior trim already in the car. The trim pieces in the seats were refinished in a simpler gloss black to give the seats an overall subtle look that could have come directly from BMW.

The dash was removed and reupholstered in black leather, again giving the work an original BMW Individual feel that would not detract from the rest of the car. To coordinate with the car’s headliner, the door panels were subtly split and their upper half was refinished in alcantara fabric, while leaving the lower half in original BMW leather to resist wear and maintain the car’s daily usability. A genuine M3 GTS center arm rest was obtained through German contacts at BMW. From the arm rest the eye will travel back to the show piece of the interior- a custom built roll bar, welded in place as one piece by Fall Line Motorsports and finished in Dakar Yellow by IND. A rear closeout was built to resemble the M3 GTS as closely as possible, while adapting the closeout to the different dimensions of the sedan. Finally, yellow seat belts were added to the front of the car, and may be my personal favorite single piece on the car.

We hope that coupled with the parts we’d already provided for this E90 prior to it’s visit to IND, the work we’ve done over the past month and a half makes this Dakar Yellow E90 one of the best in the US. Enjoy the photos!

powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-2 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-3 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-4 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-5 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-6 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-7 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-8 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-9 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-10 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-11 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-12 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-13 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-14 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-15 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-16 powerbeast-dakar-yellow-m3-17

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A clear signal


Our Portfolio program once again proves my long-held belief that the folks we get to meet through our time at IND are the absolute best single perk of this job. To earn and modify a BMW M3 is no easy task and takes effort and dedication. Each of our clients has an amazing story to tell, and the opportunity to tell their story through their M3 is unique to our industry.

We are pleased to present Jason’s interpretation of the perfect M3. This BMW Individual Signal Green M3 is a reflection of Jason’s passions, experiences, and life, and his personality is clear in every part added.
Jason is no stranger to modified cars, having previously owned a number of great sports cars, including most recently a 911 Porsche extensively modified with many GT3 suspension and body components. The journey of creating a great modified car is part of the appeal for Jason, and so unlike most IND Portfolio projects, every single component seen on this E92 M3 was installed in Jason’s own garage. Although IND provided consultation throughout the process, Jason installed each and every part by hand, pouring his own blood and sweat into his M3.

Jason’s experience as a pilot for the Marine Corps contributed to his willingness to take on an ambitious project like this, with the patience and discipline learned in the Marine Corps allowing him to tackle the installation of the KW ClubSport coilovers, the ESS VT2 kit, Brembo brakes, and exterior components seen on the car.

This M3 takes a “less is more” approach to tuning in many ways, with Jason opting for a smaller selection of the best possible parts, rather than replacing as much of the original M3 as possible. The car was originally ordered in Porsche’s striking Signal Green color directly from BMW Individual with as few options added as possible, including BMW’s excellent speed cloth interior. With no additional luxury features, this M3 was destined to be a serious sports car from the moment it’s build order was signed.

Continuing with the plan of adding as few parts as possible to create his desired effect, this M3 forgoes many of the “go-to” modifications often seen on cars of this caliber- no painted ESS intake manifold, the original orange reflectors, no rear diffuser. These components were skipped intentionally, forcing the eye to focus on the amazing components that did make it on the car. The M3 is a showcase of nothing but the best from each manufacturer- RKP’s amazing GT4 style front lip, a GT wing from Varis, and the original exhaust system from the M3 GTS as built for BMW by Boysen.

More than any other item seen on this M3, the car’s focal points are surely the mirrors. The full carbon fiber mirrors bolted to the doors of this M3 were a key aspect of the build from the beginning, and Jason knew that acquiring a set directly from BMW Motorsport would perfectly suit the car’s aggressive appearance. Designing the custom bases required to mate the BMW Motorsport mirrors to the M3 was an amazing journey in itself, as seen in our thread here:

I believe that Jason has succeeded in creating his perfect M3- a striking mix of dramatic race-inspired looks, supercar performance levels, and enough comfort to continue driving the M3 on weekend journeys.

This weekend two members of the IND team flew to beautiful San Diego to review the car, get feedback on all of the parts, and document the car in its element in the city and mountain roads of southern California.

Enjoy the photos!

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Limited Production 311RS at iND

Published on April 9, 2013 by in Uncategorized

Although we love, live, and breathe BMW here at IND, we can appreciate any and all type of car. The amazing Evo X seen here is no exception. The 311RS project was envisioned by professional racing driver Ryan Gates to take an already excellent performance platform and transform it into a true sports car for the enthusiast by addressing critical details of the car’s suspension, drivetrain, and braking systems. The car seen here is the first of 11 examples that will be built under the 311RS moniker, and is a sign of what’s to come. This car boasts 440 wheel horsepower, JRZ suspension tuned specifically to Ryan’s personal settings, and a brake package from Girodisc, among a host of other more secret details that create a true sports car



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