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Eisenmann E9x M3 Signature tips 4x90mm (Limited release)

Eisenmann E9x M3 Signature tips 4x90mm (Limited release)

Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH has been manufacturing exhaust systems since 1988. Eisenmann enjoys two decades of experience as an OE supplier for Porsche, Mercedes AMG, Mercedes McLaren, Reiger Tuning GmbH, AC Schnitzer, and many other firms. The lessons learned as an OE supplier allow Eisenmann to bring this same level of expertise to performance exhaust systems and enabled Eisenmann to create an exhaust for the E9x M3 that is specifically tailored to the S65 V8’s tonal characteristics for the perfect sound along with a power increase.

Eisenmann’s exhaust system for the E9x M3 is undoubtedly one of the best selling units manufactured by the Stuttgart-based exhaust company. The E9X system, like all Eisenmann’s, are constructed by hand to order, and built entirely from 304 stainless steel material. In celebration of such success we petitioned Eisenmann to build a limited quantity of E9X systems featuring the new F8X M3/M4 signature tip. This release will consist of 25 units and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The signature tip featured on the F8X M3/M4 exhaust is an adjustable 90mm aluminum tip. Eisenmann’s new “Signature” tips are specifically designed to emulate the style of the BMW M tips, to allow our clients to remain within the M realm of design and appearance, while simultaneously having something very unique- the added “LeMans style” inner tip is an Eisenmann hallmark, and has been unique to Eisenmann for over a decade. The brushed coating featured on the outside of the tip is a nano-coating realized through Eisenmann’s experience as an OE producer for Porsche.

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The first volley of performance parts by Fall Line Motorsports!

The first volley of performance parts by Fall Line Motorsports!

As Fall Line motorsports prepares for some major announcements during their 2015 race season, we at IND are proud to introduce the new F8x M3/M4 Fall Line Motorsports performance parts program. IND is proud to consider Fall Line a key partner in our ventures, having the pleasure of working with Fall Line for over 6 years to offer safety equipment, bespoke suspension components, and engine performance parts for IND’s Portfolio clients, we are proud to release a line of production parts specifically designed for the F8x M chassis.

One of the most exciting aspects of this project is the opportunity to look at the F8x M chassis cars in a wholesale systems approach. Fall Line’s racing experience, and their plans for the F8x M cars in motorsport enable IND and Fall Line staff to look at each area of the car as a complete system, knowing that an adjustment to one part will have an impact on the behavior of others. Although each part can be purchased separately, the parts presented by Fall Line will be designed to work together in harmony, for the best performing M3 and M4 possible.

The items now being built by Fall Line Motorsports will be a part of an ever-expanding parts catalog, which will continue to grow as Fall Line gears up to race the F8x M cars at the professional and club levels. What follows is a summary of our current efforts, with a basic description of each of the components Fall Line has created thus far. Expect a complete thread for each part in the near future, with more coming soon!

At present, we are proud to introduce the following components:

JRZ RS line of dampers

JRZ suspension was formed in 1994, and created around a need to innovate beyond standard damper technology. JRZ’s proprietary damper design focuses specifically on optimizing control of the vehicle’s unsprung mass. JRZ has found that their dampers result in reduced tire wear, increased mechanical grip, and overall better performance.

The Fall Line JRZ product line is custom tailored for Fall Line Motorsports specifically, and enables Fall Line to apply their analysis of the M4 directly to the suspension they create. The preparation for Fall Line’s 2015 racing program has enabled Fall Line and JRZ engineers to work together to create the best possible combination of damper valving, spring rate, and overall system design specifically tailored for the F8x M chassis cars.

Fall Line front mono ball kit

Fall Line’s mono ball spherical bearing conversion kit transforms the front steering and suspension feel of the M3/4. The factory rubber bushing is very large, and is prone to substantial deflection under load, as the M4 is put through its paces. Deflection of the bushing can create unwanted geometry change, steering wobble under braking, and even hysteresis of the thrust arm.

The Fall Line mono ball kit replaces the large rubber bushing found in the original thrust arm with a top quality spherical bearing by Aurora. The bearing’s housing is precision machine from aluminum, to create a rigid part that allows for the M4’s thrust arm to move smoothly through its range of suspension travel. The improvement in steering and suspension feel is immediate and truly enhances the
personality of the M4.

Fall Line race toe link kit

The race toe link kit by Fall Line Motorsports is designed to facilitate rapid adjustments of toe during an alignment, and combined with the tension strut will also enable adjustment of overall track. Not only does this allow for fine tuning of wheel fitment, these arms will allow an alignment shop to make quick work of car setup, even simplifying the camber adjustment process as a result.

A byproduct of multi-link suspension arrangements is a dynamic change in the car’s alignment settings- when making an adjustment to one attribute like camber, track width and toe will follow. This is especially true for the F8x cars, as the original BMW camber eccentric bolt has a major impact on toe as well. Alignments are made faster and simpler when using a set of aftermarket lower arms, enabling the alignment tech to easily reset toe after adjusting camber.

The race toe links utilize a unique clamp-style fastener system as seen in BMW’s own tie rods and Porsche Motorsport components, tightening the adjustment arm in place with no stretch of the hardware or change of alignment. Less expensive jam-nut designs limit precision and nearly guarantee an alignment change when the jam-nut is tightened. As will all Fall Line suspension components, high quality Aurora bearings are used to ensure a very long service life. ARP hardware is used throughout to guarantee the highest level of durability. Laser cut lockout washers correctly eliminate the original BMW adjustment, eliminating any unwanted movement in the system.

Fall Line Rear Upper control arm bearings

Rubber bushings found in the M4’s rear upper arms are the last weak link in an otherwise rigid suspension. The original BMW bushings yield to cornering forces applied to the suspension, resulting in camber and toe change that is not ideal for performance driving. Fall Line’s kit replaces the soft upper control arm bushings with military spec Aurora brand spherical bearings, enabling the rear suspension arms to move smoothly through their travel and giving the rear of a car a more solid, planted feel. The reduced geometry change allows for the car to retain its desired alignment, maintaining better control over the tire’s behavior under heavy load.

Fall Line tow strap

The Fall Line Motorsports tow strap is the highest quality strap available for BMW M cars. Fall Line combines 5 axis CNC machined stainless steel hardware with a CNC sewn strap for an extremely robust piece that will withstand the rigors of repeated use. The high strength webbing is available in an extensive selection of colors, and can be ordered in custom colors for no additional charge. Each strap is designed to thread perfectly into the M3/M4’s bumper reinforcement for an easy install.

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Preview of 3D Design F8X M3/M4 Program

Published on December 8, 2014 by in Uncategorized
Preview of 3D Design F8X M3/M4 Program

We have received quite a few inquiries regarding the impending 3D Design program for the F8X M3/M4. With the new year right around the corner, it is a great opportunity to show case what the gentlemen at 3D Design Japan have been up to.

The 3D Design F8X M3/M4 program will take a different manufacturing approach than previous chassis. All pieces will be 2×2 twill weave and more importantly pre-preg construction. This manufacturing process will allow 3D Design to offer an even higher quality material finish. The program will consist of a front lip, rear diffuser, trunk spoiler, side skirt set, suspension, and of course their billet aluminum pedal set.

The rest of the line as well as pricing information will be available in approximately 1-2 weeks. In the interim, we are always happy to field any questions or comments.


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BBS FI-R concept wheels, first look from Essen Motorshow!

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BBS FI-R concept wheels, first look from Essen Motorshow!

IND and BBS: a history.

I eluded to some new product from BBS in October this year, in this thread:


We are lifelong BBS fans here at IND- the wheel manufacturer’s commitment to motorsport, technology, and innovation is literally second to none. No other wheel manufacturer in the world has such an illustrious history of racing success. No other wheel manufacturer has so consistently innovated, ever since BBS’ work with the 3 piece wheel in the 1970s.

Most recently, the BBS FI wheel design created an explosion of imitators and replicas. IND was first to introduce the FI wheel on a road-going car in 2010:


Every major wheel company in the business had to have an FI style wheel design to stay relevant, and all did what they could to have a shot at the instant classic. Knowing that this fate was inevitable, I have been asking BBS for a follow up to the venerable FI since our visit to BBS’ German-based Motorsport facility, two years ago:


Introducing the BBS FI-R concept

The BBS FI-R is an idea several years in the making. After holding my tongue to the community since our initial trip to Germany, it is with tremendous relief that I present our first images of the FI-R concept wheel. While this is still a concept and sizing, pricing, and fitments are not yet finalized, we can say with confidence that this wheel is similar in overall theme to the production piece, sans the incredible center lock for BMW applications, of course.

“How can we make the FI better?”

I distinctly recall asking the head engineering at BBS Motorsport. His answer did not surprise me, but did implant itself in my memory-

“If we add a spoke, remove a spoke, or move the spokes significantly, the wheel will be heavier, or weaker, or both. We have done countless calculations to confirm this.”

The FI spoke shape is literally state of the art. It is the lightest possible configuration, devised by a company that has been building racing wheels since the 1970s. Arriving at this point was no small feat, and improving on this design was something initially considered impossible. The next step in the FI’s evolution was even more complex, and shown in the images below.

BBS Motorsport has carved relief holes directly into the spokes. After over a year of development, the engineers at BBS have confirmed that this design is no weaker than the original track-proven FI, and yet even lighter than the already featherweight wheel. Special machines were purchased, specifically to shape these wheels. Although this wheel is not yet in production, I am confident that the FI-R will set the bar for years to come.

Please excuse the quality of the images- IND had a limited presence at the Essen show, and will capture better images as soon as possible.

Bonus images
We also captured some bonus images of classic BBS Motorsport wheels, featured at the Essen show:

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A history continued: IND installs an Eisenmann exhaust for an M fanatic.

A history continued: IND installs an Eisenmann exhaust for an M fanatic.

We are grateful every day at IND for the longevity offered to us by our clients. Thanks to each and every IND client, we have the privilege of watching the ebb and flow of BMW M cars over the decades. We have watched the M brand evolve and grow, and feel lucky every single morning when we come into the office and have yet another opportunity to work with BMW’s latest and greatest. This longevity has granted us a sense of perspective- an ability to remember M models that are long gone, and use BMW M’s history book to make our choices.

From time to time, we are fortunate enough to work with an M fan that has a similar sense of perspective, and a similar love for BMW M cars. The owner of this Austin Yellow M4 has at one point in his life owned without exception every single M car ever created by BMW, and his sense of perspective has enabled him to work with brands that have stood the test of time- BBS, Brembo, Eisenmann.

Our client’s M4 is still in its early stages of modification, but is currently outfitted with a BMW Performance front lip and rear diffuser, and a BMW Performance trunk spoiler. This week we have proudly added one of the first Eisenmann exhaust systems in the country, to give this M4 the bark and personality it deserves.

Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for more updates as this M4 project continues to develop!

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IND | RKP F8X M3/M4 Front Lip

IND | RKP F8X M3/M4 Front Lip

When the F82 M4 graced the pebble beach concourse with its Austin Yellow exterior, all of us were captivated by its menacing appearance. In addition to the natural body lines of the car, BMW displayed their prototype M Performance parts, including a carbon fiber lower front lip. Much to our dismay, when BMW released the M Performance parts catalog their catalog this lower lip did not exist. Yes, the M Performance line provides an aggressive lip and splitter solution, but does not produce the same effect as the elusive carbon prototype

The RKP front lip for the F8X M3/M4 recreates the appearance of the Pebble Beach M4 with a full carbon fiber front lip spoiler. This F8X M3/M4 RKP front lip fits perfectly against the front bumper, leaving essentially no gap after the lip is installed. Installation is accomplished using provided fasteners. No double-sided tape.

Each RKP front lip for the F8X M3/M4 is built from carbon fiber, and is available in 2×2 twill weave to match the BMW M Performance parts.

The front lip is available for purchase through our website or via an IND representative.


Phone: 866-963-4520
Email: info@ind-distribution.com

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Re-introducing IND’s partnership with Fall Line Motorsports!

Published on November 4, 2014 by in Uncategorized

IND Distribution has always been careful to work with only the highest level technology partners to ensure the best possible results for our clients. IND staff’s engineering and product design experience has enabled IND to not only make the best choices in the product we sell, but has also enabled us to partner with some of the most qualified in our industry to co-develop incredible product for M cars.

One of our most valued partners is Fall Line Motorsports. Fall Line has achieved over one and a half decades of success as a racing manufacturer by assembling a team of the best fabricators and engineers in the Midwest, and has enjoyed racing victories in professional and amateur racing from SCCA to IMSA pro leagues.

This year, Fall Line will leverage their racing experience to design and build road car performance components. Together with IND Distribution, Fall Line will create a host of parts specifically designed to enhance the already spectacular F8x M chassis. IND’s own M3 and M4 company cars will be used to conduct street testing, while Fall Line’s F8x racing development program will prove each piece in the unforgiving environment of Motorsport.

In the next few months, IND will catalog and organize our F8x performance parts program to bring M3/M4 enthusiasts everyone access to some truly incredible parts. Please stay tuned for more updates!

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IND presents: F8x Eisenmann Heritage exhaust system!

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When inspecting the F8x M3/4 in any amount of detail, one thing becomes abundantly clear- in their quest for the perfect M car, BMW left no stone unturned, no issue unaddressed, no aspect of the car’s behavior un-optimized. Technology and art in engineering has enabled BMW to create an absolutely spectacular M3, a car that’s capable of plush comfort when driven normally, and life changing performance when driven in anger. Simply put, the M3/4 is BMW’s latest masterpiece, and has made all of us at IND fall in love with BMW M all over again.

Watching BMW create and engineer their new F8x inspired us and Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH to respond in kind. We knew that we could not simply connect a series of pipes to a generic canister and attach exhaust tips at the end. Every aspect of the design had to be analyzed, evaluated, and perfected until the exhaust system as a whole was absolutely flawless. Eisenmann did not approach the design of this exhaust system with the idea of beating their competitors- Eisenmann’s only peer in this race would be BMW M itself, and no stone could be left unturned.

Today, we are happy to introduce Eisenmann’s own masterpiece, the F8x M3/4 Eisenmann Heritage valved exhaust system. Eisenmann’s Stuttgart-based engineers have leveraged 30 years of heritage as Germany’s premier exhaust manufacturer as well as decades of experience as OE designers and manufacturers for Porsche and AMG to create the M3/4 Heritage exhaust system.

Each system is constructed from high grade 304 stainless steel, with a specific attention to wall thickness throughout to create the best combination of fantastic sound and reduced weight. The canisters are machine-pressed into a shape specifically designed for the F8x M cars using a series of deep draw dies, resulting in extremely high canister rigidity and contributing to Eisenmann’s signature tone. The canister shape was specifically created to completely eliminate the canisters from the rear view of the car, drastically improving the appearance of the F8x cars. Multiple internal flow paths work in unison with BMW’s Comfort, Sport, and Sport Plus ECU programming, and enable Eisenmann’s valve control to have a variable but drastic effect on the exhaust system’s personality, yielding a quiet tone while cruising and a fearsome growl under full load.

Eisenmann’s Heritage system is available as a rear section or complete exhaust system, enabling M3/4 owners to choose their sound level in stages. The complete system will include everything from the exhaust tips to the BMW downpipes, allowing for a bolt-on solution for easy installation and an aggressive sound. Improved flow capacity gives the exhaust system sufficient overhead for future modifications, removing any restriction in the system and enabling the F8x’s S55 powerplant to make even more power.

The new “Signature” tip combines what was great about BMW M’s design with the classic Eisenmann LeMans style to create something that is both at home on BMW’s new M car and also an homage to Eisenmann’s own classic tip designs. Eisenmann’s new “Signature” tips are specifically designed to emulate the style of the BMW M tips, to allow our clients to remain within the M realm of design and appearance, while simultaneously having something very unique- the added “LeMans style” inner tip is an Eisenmann hallmark, and has been unique to Eisenmann for over a decade.

In short, we are confident that this is the best Eisenmann F8x M exhaust possible. We are thrilled to present the new F8x M3/4 exhaust system to M enthusiasts worldwide!

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Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH F8x M3/4 first look!

Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH F8x M3/4 first look!

The sheer volume of phone calls asking about the new F8x M3/4 Eisenmann exhaust system that we have fielded at the IND offices over this previous month has been absolutely staggering. Although we cannot release details on the production system just yet, I am confident in saying that just as BMW left no stone unturned in designing this new F8x M3/4, Eisenmann has left no stone unturned in designing the perfect exhaust system for the car. I can truly say that the new F8x exhaust is Eisenmann’s best effort to date- a big claim, considering that Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH has been building exhaust systems for nearly 30 years.

As we do not want to leave the BimmerPost audience in complete suspense over this weekend, we are happy to announce that the very first audio clips of the new Eisenmann system are ready for release. This video shows the Eisenmann rear section installed on IND’s own F82 M4, driven in the “Sport Plus” M mode. Like the rest of the F8x M car, the Eisenmann system’s behavior and sound will change to suit the driver’s mood, using the original BMW in-cabin controls.

For now, this is all that we can say about the new Eisenmann system. All of us at IND are truly proud to have been a part of the development of this exhaust, and are absolutely thrilled to see the feedback from the M enthusiast audience in just over a week, when we can release all of the information about our new Eisenmann exhaust.

Enjoy the video!

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First installed shots of the RKP F8x M3/M4 Diffuser

First installed shots of the RKP F8x M3/M4 Diffuser

Today, RKP is proud to announce our first entry into what will be an extensive F8x M3/M4 catalog.

While the majority of the F8x M car is stunningly muscular, the diffuser section in particular leaves something to be desired. The flat polyurethane insert installed from BMW does not match the M3/4’s aerodynamically sculpted exterior, and so was the first item RKP elected to attack. In contrast, the RKP diffuser was designed with full length fins that reach all the way from the inside of the insert to their termination point at the rear of the bumper. The fins are particularly thin, and although this makes them especially difficult to manufacture, their athletic appearance is more purposeful and athletic. Unlike the BMW performance diffuser, RKP’s fins extend all the way to the edge of the diffuser, giving them a much more noticeable look in all of the right areas.

The RKP M3/4 diffuser has been in development for over 3 months with a specific focus on fit and finish. After several revisions, we have carefully sculpted what we believe to be a truly perfect fitting part. This was no easy feat, as working with the complex rear bumper shape and creating a component that would be durable, strong, lightweight, and integrate perfectly with the original BMW mounting took special care and attention to detail. We are proud to say that this diffuser fits like all other RKP components- absolutely flawlessly.

Carbon Weave Options:

  • 1 x 1 plain weave (BMW F8X M3/M4 carbon roof)
  • 2 x 2 twill weave (BMW M Performance parts)

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