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F87 M2 BMW M Performance 2-way Coilover Suspension

Published on April 7, 2016 by in Uncategorized
F87 M2 BMW M Performance 2-way Coilover Suspension

New at IND: BMW Performance M2 suspension!

BMW Performance continues to embrace those who wish to adjust their car’s appearance and behavior beyond what’s available on the showroom floor. It is no secret that the M2 is a car that exists to thrill BMW M fans specifically, and BMW clearly sees that M fans enjoy modifying their M cars.

BMW’s partnership with KW ensures that BMW Performance suspension is designed on a strong foundation of experience. What makes KW truly unique is that KW did not start as an OE supplier, but rather evolved into one after years of racing and performance suspension engineering. KW’s engineering is backed by extensive testing, starting at their internal Quality Control process, continuing to their in-house 7 post shaker rig, and moving to the Nurburgring for testing in the harshest motorsport environment in the world.

For these reasons and more, we are confident that the BMW Performance suspension will be an excellent choice for the M2 cars, providing good handling, easy height adjustment, a good ride, and excellent long term reliability. We’re excited to show the M2 community the first example of the BMW Performance suspension!

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GTS-Plus: IND’s 10th Anniversary M4

Published on March 29, 2016 by in Uncategorized

This September, IND will celebrate its tenth anniversary.

In human terms, the passing of ten years is like the crossing of a vast chasm of one’s life. The gaping maw of uncertainty stares at us all when we embark on a new stage of our lives- the experience for us was no different when we embarked on our journey with IND ten years ago.

We quickly learned that no amount of planning will save one from chance and uncertainty, but we also learned that we had powerful tools which would enable each member of IND to navigate the following decade of work with confidence. We would commit to advising each client honestly and fairly, even if it did not immediately help IND to sell a product. We would be guided by our moral compass first, and our need to balance IND’s budget second, to ensure that we did everything possible to care for our clients, even when it was not easy. Finally, we would never forget that the key to our success was in the minutia of the parts we acquired, created, and installed on our client’s cars. Most importantly of all, we knew that the battle of life was won in the details, that each minor step, each small victory, each setback would contribute to the total picture.

IND’s Portfolio program was born from these principles. IND Portfolio cars have never been the fastest- there is always a more powerful M car around the corner. IND Portfolio cars have never been the most extroverted or wild in their styling- there is always someone willing to take larger risks in the name of fashion. True IND Portfolio cars are designed to uniquely express the owner’s persona, specifically by attending to details that many would not notice. IND Portfolio projects would always strive to have items that were rare, one-off or hand-made included not simply on principle, but because as with life, the battle for greatness is won in the details.

IND Portfolio cars therefore are not simply objects of beauty to us or to our clients. They are a means of reflecting their own persona. They are a way of describing battles fought slowly, in silence, and with great perseverance

It is only after understanding these ideas that we can come full circle to the M4 you see before you: IND’s own 10th Anniversary Portfolio M4. IND has owned development cars in the past, but each was essentially utilitarian- meant to test and validate components, and enable us to have a strong knowledge of the car to help our clients. Our 10th Anniversary M4 would be quite different. We would finally be on the “other side” of the Portfolio equation, creating a car for ourselves, in our own vision.

With all this in mind, the IND 10th Anniversary M4 was born. Planning began in secret some four months ago to transform our M4 development car into a true Portfolio project. This car would represent the sum total of our passion for BMW. It would represent lessons learned slowly, over the course of many years, with our various technical partners and suppliers. It would be a true culmination of everything that is IND.

IND would be a fraction of what it is without our partners, and it is the act of forging those relationships with the absolute best manufacturers, engineers, and designers in the business that has enabled our success. Although it may come as no surprise that our M4 is a veritable who’s-who of the strongest brands in the BMW tuning business, it is the reason behind it that is so critical. Every part installed on the M4 tells a story. Every component represents nearly a decade of cooperation, co-development, and progress. The parts chosen for this M4 are not merely the best available, they also represent IND’s incremental growth and development with each of these organizations, who in their own right have a dedication and commitment to operating at the highest level possible.

Our overriding theme for this M4 was in line with IND’s basic philosophy when modifying an M car: go beyond what BMW is able to give their consumer, but do so in the most tasteful way possible. Not unlike some “OEM plus” approaches to modifying cars, we see our 10th Anniversary M4 as the ultimate interpretation of “GTS Plus”, giving us a car that both recalls BMW’s own M4 GTS, and in some ways, surpasses it. We worked to follow BMW’s own path in some areas, but deviated from the GTS in other key areas to go beyond what BMW can achieve within the constraints of a production car.

We started by completely disassembling the exterior and interior of our M4. Each exterior panel was painstakingly removed, every bit of interior carpet was pulled out. The dashboard was completely disassembled, all of the door panels were removed and sent off for their own transformation. Once the car was disassembled, the rolling chassis went to our in-house paint facility for the most major of its exterior transformations: a color change to Porsche’s incredible Ultraviolet color, found on the 991 GT3RS.

3D Design Japan has been in the business of transforming BMWs since before IND was in existence, and we keep this in mind when working with this highly respected tuner from Japan. The 3D full carbon fiber bumpers for the M4 represent a new height of achievement for 3D, showcasing the company’s ability to transform and simultaneously complement the M4’s body lines while exhibiting a flawless fit. Very few companies can construct such beautifully sculpted pieces completely from carbon fiber and boast such a perfect fit, and with their new complete front and rear bumpers 3D stands as the uncontested industry leader. 3D Design side skirts and trunk spoiler complement the bumpers. IND selected the paint scheme for each component with extreme delicacy, leaving enough exposed carbon to showcase 3D Design’s amazing work, but covering enough to give the M4 a relatively subtle look. A black chrome exterior trim package was carefully installed into the 3D front bumper to continue with our “GTS Plus” theme.

The 3D bumpers alone would not give our M4 a GTS feel- an adjustable front splitter would be necessary to complete the car’s front aerodynamics package. Because this was a component that was destined to be hand-made to fit this M4 specifically, we know we could go above and beyond what BMW created for the GTS itself. Our front splitter begins with a core layer of extremely light weight balsa, and is then reinforced with aluminum plate at each of its twelve mounting points. The upper layer is a beautiful hand-laid Carbon Fiber, while the bottom is reinforced Carbon Kevlar for additional strength. Each aluminum mounting point is then slotted for up to 3 inches of fore and aft adjustment, giving the driver the ability to modify the car’s high speed lift to suit the driving conditions of the day. Finally, Jabroc rub strips are installed on the bottom side of the splitter, giving our M4 the exact same scrape protection measures found in Formula 1 and LeMans race cars. This entire package is mounted directly to the chassis, which transfers aerodynamic loads directly to the front of the M4.

Few wheel companies globally can claim as rich of a history or as advanced manufacturing technology as BBS. BBS has been manufacturing the best race wheels in the business since 1970, well before the M3 was even a twinkle in BMW’s eye. As always, IND chooses to partner with the best, and so our own history with BBS started nearly as soon as IND was in business. We have enjoyed a rich relationship with BBS since, and have cooperated with BBS in developing new applications in both the FI and FI-R, both with BBS USA, and with BBS Motorsport directly in Germany. This M4 would once again see IND asking for a new application from BBS, as we knew the car needed something even more special than the already world-beating FI-R wheel.

BMW’s move to a 19 inch front and 20 inch rear wheel intrigued M fans everywhere, and allowed IND to follow suit. Utilizing a 20” rear wheel increases grip and straight line traction- a useful attribute when dealing with the fire-breathing S55 engine. Thus, our M4 came to wear the world’s first 19 inch front and 20 inch rear staggered set of FI-R wheels. Although the standard BBS finishes are beautiful in their own right, our Portfolio car would feature something unprecedented here as well. Our friends at Threepiece.us took in the only 19/20 stagger set of FI-Rs in the world, and with great care stripped them of their original finish. Each wheel was brushed by hand, creating the first set of FI-R wheels to feature a brushed finish.

A custom billet machined center cap adapter was built, allowing us to utilize a BMW center cap in place of the standard BBS caps for a subtle look. The completed wheels are several steps removed from an original FI-R, and as a result are very special indeed. To finish bringing the wheel package to a GTS-like level, we installed Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires in 265/30/19 front and 295/30/20 rear- the closest available to the genuine GTS tires.

A Brembo GT kit was installed under our FI-R wheels, providing a proven braking solution. Brembo, like BBS, is a world leader in their field that invests incredible capital into the constant pursuit of technological perfection. Unlike nearly all other smaller braking manufacturers, Brembo owns several foundries across the world- this gives Brembo complete vertical integration and full control over their product’s quality, all the way down to the metallurgical level. Brembo has been a partner of IND’s since our own humble beginnings and is an original supplier to BMW for the M4, and so a GT kit made perfect sense for this car. We’ve tested Brembo’s 380mm GT kit in punishing on-track conditions while using high performance brake pads that operate at a high temperature, and the GT Monobloc calipers have run without issue each time. Brembo’s yellow calipers were a perfect fit for the M4’s new Ultraviolet color, imitating Porsche’s own choice for the GT3RS. Our M4 is now also using the newest disc available for this kit- the Type III high thermal disc.

Connecting the unsprung mass of the wheels to the car could only be accomplished with help from the very same company that BMW relies on for the same task- KW. KW Automotive has provided their triple adjustable ClubSport coilovers for two generations of GTS, and is a committed technology partner to BMW. Similarly, IND has maintained a working relationship with KW for many years, not only because of KW’s excellent product, but also because of their excellent infrastructure, service, and support. The fact that KW suspension is developed on their in-house 7 post test rig doesn’t hurt, either. KW’s three way adjustable ClubSport suspension was installed on our M4 to bring it to GTS spec, and Fall Line suspension components are utilized to bring the car’s suspension beyond GTS level.

As many IND fans know, our relationship with Fall Line Motorsports has been particularly fruitful in 2015 and 2016, creating a host of motorsport-derived components designed with direct input from Fall Line’s success in professional racing. Fall Line has designed front spherical bearing conversion bushings, sway bar end links, rear toe adjustment arms, rear upper arm bearings, an oil cooler guard, and many other components for the F8x cars- most of the above can be seen on our M4. The oil cooler guard integrates perfectly with our front splitter, and makes the fragile S55 oil cooler nearly invincible (while maintaining perfect outlet airflow). The front control arm bearings are a particularly fantastic modification, dramatically enhancing the M4’s steering feel and response, and also reducing unwanted wheel movement and toe geometry change under heavy braking. Fall Line’s sway bar end links grant us the ability to properly set corner weights and zero any pre-load in the stabilizer bars, and the rear toe adjustment arms dramatically improve our ability to align the rear of the car, while also building in some additional suspension rigidity and reducing unwanted movement. Fall Line’s rear camber shim kit also locks in the rear camber under heavy load, ensuring that the camber setting is permanently fixed, making for a much more predictable car. Suffice to say, this M4’s suspension is truly beyond even what the M4 GTS brings to the table.

Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH has manufactured exhaust systems for Porsche, Mercedes AMG, Hamann, AC Schnitzer, and so many others since 1988, and is a key partner for IND. IND worked together with Eisenmann to design the F8x M3 and M4’s exhaust system, giving M fans a multitude of options including resonated and non resonated center pipes, a muffled or straight through rear section, and even perfectly designed downpipes for true race use. While our M4 has at one point tested every possible variation from Eisenmann, this car demanded a streetable solution that yielded a mature yet powerful sound. The car was simply planned to too high a standard to be deafeningly loud. Eisenmann’s high flow resonated center pipes were combined with the excellent Eisenmann muffler, and the entire exhaust package was ceramic coated for a perfect appearance. Eisenmann’s Signature exhaust tips complete the look, with their multi-walled construction adding sophistication to the back of the car.

An air intake system from Eventuri adds a beautiful intake roar under load, and complements the Carbon Fiber strut bar perfectly. The flawless fit and finish provided by Eventuri is spot-on for a high level build like our M4, and is at at home with any of the other parts found on the car. We choose to refinish the intake and Eventuri Carbon Fiber engine cover in a translucent purple finish, making each part a visually perfect fit for our engine bay. ESS Tuning as always helps with the most reliable software on the market, giving the M4 additional power without straining the factory turbochargers or creating unsafe operating scenarios for the engine. In the future the IND M4 will see larger turbochargers and a full cooling system upgrade from C&R, allowing us to further push the envelope of what’s possible from a performance standpoint while maintaining factory fit, finish, and function. Alex at Alpine helped us to wrap up the coding on the car, enabling this M4 to operate without any error lights, and a few special functions.

Finally, we knew that the interior would be one of the most critical areas of the car. Too often, high concept projects like this will address power first, exterior style and appearance second, and leave the driving environment for a distant third place. In the interior especially, we knew that we had to meet and then surpass BMW’s GTS.

To that end, the original GTS roll bar was a great place to start. Provided to us by our sources in Germany, the GTS roll bar is the exact part used in the new extra-special M4, and was finished in Ultraviolet to match our M4’s exterior. Simply installing the roll bar would not suffice, as to truly achieve our “GTS Plus” goal our M4 would have to have a flawlessly finished rear closeout. The closeout was constructed from hand-laid Carbon Fiber panelling, mixed with machined brackets which were machined in-house at IND. Each piece of aluminum was carefully fitted to the other, creating a seamless appearance that separated the trunk from the passenger compartment in a way that was both functional and beautiful.

The centerpiece of the interior is a bit of a vintage item in this era: our M4 would get the last set of E46 M3 CSL seats in the world. I do not exaggerate when I say “last set in the world”- this pair of seats was found in a Motorsport warehouse in Germany just recently, and when their availability was brought to our attention, we moved without hesitation. The CSL seats are an absolute work of art, their elegantly sculpted side bolsters and beautiful hardware and trim looking perfectly at home in an M4 over 10 years the senior of the renowned CSL. IND was a fledgeling company when the E46 M3 CSL came to market, and it is truly an honor to experience these seats in person, almost exactly a decade after both the CSL and IND were born. Of course, E46 M3 CSL seats were never intended to fit in an M4, so custom machined brackets were made here as well to accommodate.

Once the seats were in place, the plan for the rest of the interior came together. The headliner, a, b and c pillars were all removed and upholstered in Alcantara to match the CSL seats. The parcel shelf as well was specifically upholstered in Alcantara, giving us an opportunity to integrate the shelf more smoothly into the Carbon Fiber rear closeout. The dashboard, door panels, and center console were removed and covered in Alcantara as well, but also recieved a color-coded Ultraviolet stitch. Aligning the highlight stitch was a tremendous challenge as BMW had not intended to create a fully wrapped dashboard in the M4. Where and how to place the Ultraviolet highlight stitch on the dash and door panels was one of the more interesting steps in designing the interior. A BMW Performance steering wheel was a must-have for this M4, but was also upholstered to match. Finally, M tri color seat belts were imported directly from Europe- a direct nod to the GTS’ own belts.

Read more…

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RKP F85/F86 X5M/X6M Carbon Front Bumper Inserts

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RKP Composites has emerged as an industry leader of top quality US and German-made carbon fiber products, starting with an excellent development history in the E92 market. RKP was responsible for bringing M3 GTS and M3 GT4 racing parts to US M3 owners, and easily made the transition to stylish carbon fiber components for the F10, F82, and now F85 chassis. By working within the confines of the original BMW body lines, RKP was able to create uniquely attractive carbon fiber components that made long-standing carbon manufacturers take note. RKP’s approach to exterior accessories that followed BMW’s own design language quickly set the brand apart from their competitors.

RKP’s front bumper inserts for the F85 X5M and F86 X6M were designed to remain congruent with BMW’s design language, adding aggresive lines to the OEM design of the front bumper. The RKP X5M and X6M front bumper inserts come in Gloss 2×2 weave with 3M tape pre-installed for easy install.

RKP F85/F86 X5M/X6M Carbon Fiber Bumper Inserts $450

Please contact IND by phone or email for more information or to place your order.
866.963.4520 | info@ind-distribution.com

Available for sale on our online store here:

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A timeless approach: ESS E92 M3 by IND.

A timeless approach: ESS E92 M3 by IND.

The E92 M3 in many ways marked the end of an era. The 21st century brought with it incredible technological progress, but also a renewed sense of urgency for caring for the environment. Automakers in every corner of the world have adapted their philosophies to better reflect humanity’s needs, and while the sports car is not extinct, different approaches must be relied upon to deliver the thrills motoring enthusiasts are accustomed to.

Simply put, the simple formula that defined BMW M for thirty years is now a thing of the past. The E92 M3 is the last M car made to rely on a now classic approach to engineering a sports car: a high RPM, normally aspirated motor in front, a great transmission in the center, and a mechanical differential in the rear. Coupled with incredibly dynamic but incredibly easy to drive suspension, BMW’s E92 M3 was truly the final iteration of a design philosophy that started with the E30 M3 so many years ago.

IND’s Portfolio program has always been focused on consulting with our clients to express their individual style to create something special. In the case of this M3, the car’s own personality defined both its modifications and its resulting feel. The Dakar Yellow paint and Varis diffuser system are both extroverted, and a good fit for the personality of the engine beneath this car’s hood. While 8,300 RPM redlines and 550 ESS supercharged horsepower have become the norm in the E92 M3 community, rest assured that the resulting acceleration is anything but restrained.

In contrast, the FI wheels, Akrapovic Evolution exhaust, Brembo GT kit, and RKP GTS style front lip are staples of the E92 chassis. Each has been proven to have not only a beautiful appearance, but excellent functionality in even the harshest on-track conditions. IND’s own yellow seat belts add color to the black interior, while the Awron gauge displays the S65 engine’s key vitals at a glance. Finally, DownForce side skirts and headlights modified by OSS round out this M3, creating a machine that is simultaneously classic in it’s styling, and extroverted enough to effectively wear it’s yellow paint. Bilstein B16 suspension gives the car superior road holding, and a lower stance to boot.

Our client has more plans for this fantastic E92, and will continue to develop his car into a creation that celebrates the end of an epoch for BMW and stands on it’s own as one of BMW M’s greatest accomplishments. Together with AutoCouture (who has supported both IND and this client throughout this project), Deans Performance (who has dyno tested this M3), OSS (who created the incredible headlights), and other partners, this yellow M3 has been transformed into a timeless performance car.

Modifications include:

Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system
ESS VT2-625 supercharger kit
RKP GTS front lip
Varis upper and lower diffuser
European M3 bumper
DownForce carbon side skirts
OSS headlights
BBS FI wheels, custom pinstriped
Yellow seat belts
Awron Kompressor 1 gauge
Brembo 380mm GT kit
Bilstein B16 suspension

Enjoy the photos!

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IND presents: first set of BMW GTS belts in North America!

Published on March 4, 2016 by in Uncategorized
IND presents: first set of BMW GTS belts in North America!

All of us at IND are enthusiasts first- we live and breathe BMW, and have owned everything from the 2002 and E21 to the F82 and F85. Since IND’s humble beginnings, we’ve always pursued rare original BMW parts, not particularly for a commercial gain, but rather to satisfy our own love for the marque. IND’s doors have seen everything from original E46 M3 CSL seats to parts taken directly out of BMW’s DTM and LeMans catalog.

Today, we are proud to show the BMW community the first sets of BMW GTS and Competition seat belts in North America. We knew that we had to take every available set when our connections at BMW informed us some were available, and wasted no time opening the boxes when they arrived today.

The belts shown here are for the F82 M4. Many of you have already seen them in the M4 GTS, and they will also be offered as a retrofit option to IND clients.

Enjoy the photos!

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3D Design Interprets the F82 M4 and debuts Carbon Bumpers!

Published on March 3, 2016 by in Uncategorized

3D Design’s company name is no accident. Since the group’s inception, the founding members have known that leading in aesthetic design would define 3D as a premier BMW tuner well into the 21st century. While so many other carbon manufacturers simply copy and replicate, 3D Design continues to push the envelope of what’s possible in terms of construction, material quality, and visual appeal.

The 3D Design F82 M4 front and rear bumpers are an expression of this pursuit of the next greatest possibility. Both bumpers are sculpted to re-interpret BMW’s body lines somewhat, giving the car a more aggressive, supercar-like appearance that gives the menacing M4 even more road presence. Incredibly, each bumper is constructed from 100% pre-preg carbon fiber- 3D Design is the only company in the industry that can boast flawless, OE-like fitment from such large carbon fiber components.

The 3D bumpers can be painted in a variety of ways, exposing a multitude of schemes for a more or less extroverted appearance. As with most F8x front end parts, 3D’s front bumper is also compatible with the F80 M3.

Pricing for this part hasn’t been released yet, as it’s still in the production stages. Stay tuned for installed photos of both the front and rear bumpers!

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IND presents: first carbon BMW Performance lip in North America!

The BMW Performance lip is a durable, bread and butter solution for the front of the F8x M3 and M4 cars. The lip and splitters subtly highlighted the existing bodylines of the bumpers, and provided a durable plastic rub surface for the bottom of the bumper.

BMW truly embraced the enthusiast market in the 21st century, and gave the public a preview of an all carbon fiber version of their BMW Performance lip at the SEMA show.

Until recently, the carbon Performance lip was merely a concept part. This week, IND was proud to obtain the first two BMW Performance carbon lips allocated to North America. These carbon items are what you would expect from BMW carbon parts- very light weight, and with an excellent surface finish.

The flawlessly laid carbon fiber of the lower lip now perfectly complements the carbon upper splitters already found in the BMW Performance kit, and gives the M3 and M4 cars a striking, high tech appearance. As expected from BMW parts, all of the appropriate installation hardware and inner reinforcements are included.

Enjoy the photos!

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Breaking: KW offers GTS-spec 3 way ClubSport to M4 owners!

Breaking: KW offers GTS-spec 3 way ClubSport to M4 owners!

KW Automotive GmbH has enjoyed a long-standing history of success as a suspension manufacturer. The company’s commitment to excellence extends beyond simply designing some of the highest quality suspension available, but also to creating a strong supply chain that enables clients to easily obtain, service, and maintain KW product.

It is of course no accident that KW was chosen by BMW M and Mercedes AMG to be an Original Equipment supplier for both of these prestigious marques, and as we move forward into the 21st century, KW’s relationship with M in particular continues to grow.

Many BimmerPost members have already seen the incredible 3 way adjustable suspension found on the M4 GTS, and have witnessed that car’s blistering 7:28 lap time around the Nurburgring Nordschleife, but many do not know that KW is the official supplier to BMW for this amazing second iteration of the GTS.

As of today, KW’s 3 way adjustable ClubSport coilovers (found on the M4 GTS) are not only available to the public, but are also available from a select group of KW’s top tier vendors at a reduced price. The new MSRP places the 3 way ClubSport closer in price to the 2 way adjustable ClubSport, enabling more M4 drivers to enjoy some of the magic that is available in the M4 GTS.

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Fall-line Race toe link kit for F8x M3/M4 (Product update Ver.2)

Published on January 5, 2016 by in Uncategorized

The unique design of the Fall Line Motorsports race toe link kit showed the BMW audience what is possible when true motorsport-derived engineering solutions are applied to high performance street cars. The slotted lock design, inspired by BMW Motorsport and Porsche Motorsport components gave BMW M fans the best possible solution in suspension.

Now, we are proud to release the newest evolution of the Race toe link kit.

Machining the toe adjustment arms from a single piece of billet aluminum enabled Fall Line to eliminate assembly and welding operations, creating a substantial reduction in manufacturing cost. All new Race toe links will now ship in the new billet version, forwarding the savings directly to our client!

A byproduct of multi-link suspension arrangements is a dynamic change in the car’s alignment settings- when making an adjustment to one attribute like camber, track width and toe will follow. This is especially true for the F8x cars, as the original BMW camber eccentric bolt has an impact on toe as well. Alignments are made faster and simpler when using a set of aftermarket lower arms, enabling the alignment tech to easily reset toe after adjusting camber.

The race toe links utilize a unique clamp-style fastener system as seen in BMW’s own tie rods and Porsche Motorsport components, tightening the adjustment arm in place with no stretch of the hardware or change of alignment. Less expensive jam-nut designs limit precision and nearly guarantee an alignment change when the jam-nut is tightened. As will all Fall Line suspension components, high quality bearings are used to ensure a very long service life. ARP hardware is used throughout to guarantee the highest level of durability. Laser cut lockout washers correctly eliminate the original BMW adjustment, eliminating any unwanted movement in the system.



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True Colors: a Quest for a Fire Orange M4


BMW’s introduction of Fire Orange to their color palette excited M enthusiasts everywhere. For many, the vibrancy of the color reflects the dynamic nature of the M car, and it is perhaps for this reason that BMW elected to use Fire Orange as the official release color for the E92 M3 GTS.

The owner of the Fire Orange M4 in this thread has been a BMW M enthusiast for many years, and was inspired by the E92 M3 GTS. The E92 GTS was a car that made no apologies about its sporting nature, and the M4 you see in this post is similarly unapologetic. When choosing the specification for his new M4, our client knew that nothing less than Fire Orange would suit the modifications he had already planned for the car.

Obtaining the Fire Orange color itself was a year-long quest, made more complex because of equipment changes within BMW’s own factory. We will give our client the opportunity to explain the details of his ordering process himself when he is ready, but suffice to say that ensuring that his Fire Orange order went through required persistence, good follow-up, and the help of some very kind people at BMW internally.

We’d planned the modifications for this M4 long before the car was completed by BMW, and had them prepared for installation before the car arrived at IND. The E92 M3 GTS spoke to us as inspiration, across generational lines, and with that car as our guide we began our work. This M4 was delivered to us with BMW’s carbon ceramic brakes, and an individual interior which included a beautiful orange stitch throughout.

IND then added a host of BMW Performance parts, ranging from the BMW Performance front splitters and lip (which IND painted gloss black), to M performance side skirts (also painted gloss black at IND), a carbon diffuser, M performance exhaust, LED steering wheel, and shift knob cover and trim. IND’s cosmetic package as always eliminates the original trim items in favor of beautiful gloss black pieces. Carbon mirror caps accompany the carbon splitters and diffuser to maintain a consistent feel. IND added a BBS FI-R wheel package in gloss black with Advan AD08R tires in a 275 front and 295 rear size for excellent handling balance. A Fall Line oil cooler guard was added for peace of mind when driving the car aggressively. Finally, to complete the GTS feel, IND reached out to our friends at Motorsport 24 in Germany to add a rear wing in carbon fiber which matched the GTS in personality.

Although there is now an official M4 GTS offering from BMW, this Fire Orange M4 will always stand on its own in evoking the Motorsport inspired feel many M owners pursue. We at IND were fortunate to see this gorgeous M4 in person, and are happy to share these images with the BimmerPost audience. Enjoy the photos!

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