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Wheel Glory here at IND this week!

Our clients have been ordering some amazing wheels as of late and have now arrived at our warehouse. Many new projects are in the works and we will be showcasing these wheels on the cars in the coming weeks. Stay tuned as 2012 will be an exciting year!  Special thanks to HRE, BBS, and Vorsteiner!

HRE 793rs

BBS FI in Titanium Finish

Vorsteiner  V107

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IND Anthology

The aphorism “it’s not the destination, but the journey that counts” is a well worn one, and a lesson that can be applied to any life situation. When looking back at the development of IND’s portfolio service thus far, this old wisdom applies perfectly. More than a means to an end or part of some master plan for IND’s success, IND’s Portfolio Service has made the projects themselves the goal all of us are working for. Working with each client to customize their M3 to their specifications has become an opportunity and a privilege here at IND, and I’d like to thank all of the readers for helping us realize these opportunities.

We’ve had a comprehensive thread showcasing our cars for some time, but wanted to create a quick and easy interface to let people view each car at their own pace.

With that, here are each of the Portfolio Projects to date, from our own E92 M3 (one of the first modified M3s in the US), all the way to IND’s Red Death, Silver Standard, Blue Max, and many others.

More details of each build: http://parts.ind-distribution.com/ezboard.php?GID=root&BID=portfolio

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Building the F10 M5 Piece By Piece

We are in the process of assembling the cosmetic line for the S63tu powered beast

Spawned from a paint shop all of us at IND strive to offer solutions for every vehicle application. Whether it is a painted reflector or a engine cover we are always looking for new ways to enhance the aesthetics of a vehicle. This approach has almost rendered us with a sick obsession for cosmetic accessories. A obsession that will not be tamed by the delayed F10 M5 production in North America. There is a old saying that you can build a car from the parts catalog. With the summer delivery date for North America we will test this theory.

Last week we received a modest size FedEx express shipment from Munich. Please let us know what you would like to see and we will try our best to accommodate the request. As the availability of parts increases so will our offerings. If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. More paint schemes to come.

F10 M5 side marker with gloss surround, matte insert/gloss insert, light tinted LED.

F10 M5 side marker with gloss surround, matte insert, light tinted LED.

F10 M5 side marker with gloss surround, gloss insert, light tinted LED.

F10 M5 gloss black rear diffuser

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Meaner than Hell Midnight Run!

We’ve always said that no matter how impressive Green Hell’s capabilities become after years of modifications and changes, it should always remain a street car first and foremost, and you cannot have a good street car without going on your occasional midnight romp through the city. Green Hell is no garage queen, so on Chicago’s absolute last warm night before our yearly white-out of a winter hit the city we went out with the owner of the car to enjoy it one last time.


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Full house @ Motorsport24

Aside from access to some of the most unique and well made racing parts in the world, working with Motorsport 24 as their exclusive North American distributor has the added benefit of access to some amazing eye candy! The staff at Motorsport 24 had a full shop this weekend, and sent us this amazing photo.

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INDustry Attire!

Mark Twain once said that clothes make a man, and if this is true then you certainly wouldn’t want to pass on IND’s new line of loungewear. IND is now offering sweatshirts and T shirts made from the best in materials by American Apparel, one of the leading shirt manufacturers in the US. American Apparel says that these are the “softest, smoothest, best looking shirts anywhere” so you know you’ll be the best dressed when working on your car, at the track, on a date, or anywhere else you might wear our stylish garb.
iND Black or Grey hoodie = $45.00 each
iND T-shirts black, red and Grey = $25.00 each
Our shirts are available in American Apparel’s Large size, in grey, red, and black. Our sweatshirts are available in American Apparel’s Large size, in grey and black. Please consult these sizing charts before ordering:
To place an order please send paypal payment to info@ind-distribution.com or you can give us a call at 866.963.4520
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Winter Beast by IND

IND is known for our E9x M3 Portfolio Project cars, but in reality we are not biased and are car enthusiasts at heart. We’ve created quite a few Audi, Lamborghini, and Mercedes cars for our clients as well.

Our client is a true car enthusiast also, and loves many marques. His summer car is a modified Audi R8 V10, but knew he had to make a more practical purchase to get him through the always brutal Chicago winter.

Although his new CLS63 AMG was already a work of art directly from Mercedes, our client had to make a few additions to make the car right for his style. Just after taking delivery of the car, our client headed to IND for help with his new daily driver.

We addressed the car’s ride height by adding a KW adjustable suspension kit, and then added 5mm front and 10mm rear wheel spacers to the original AMG wheels, which we refinished in black with a subtle white AMG lettering.

We augmented the low super sedan’s already sleek lines by painting the roof black, and adding black trim pieces to match. The AMG logo received a custom red accent for an additional level of detail. The original exhaust tips were coated in a high-temperature ceramic black finish as well.

IND called upon the tuning expertise of RennTech to increase the car’s already formidable power output, although our client will be using the right pedal sparingly until next summer.

Although Chicago’s hellish winters do not leave much opportunity to enjoy a modified car, we can count on this CLS to keep our client warm, safe, and in style until next summer comes.

Enjoy the photos!


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Up next on the IND agenda is this beautiful 2012 Mercedes CLS63 AMG…. stay tuned for more updates along the way!




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M after M after M


Imagine having the opportunity to own every single M car ever made, from the moment that BMW chose to grace the world with their miracle sports sedans. Imagine the thrill of experiencing each of BMW M’s creations, the moment each one was released to the eager public. What true car enthusiast would not jump at such an opportunity? One of IND’s most valued local clients is precisely such an enthusiast, and jumped at precisely such an opportunity.

Our client is a BMW M fanatic, and has been blessed with the chance to experience BMW’s M tradition first hand, car by car. When the 1M was announced, our client knew that it may be the best M in years, and that he absolutely had to experience the newest addition to the M family. As many of you know, acquiring a 1M is no small feat, and despite our client’s love for the M brand, he was not able to have an allocation from his home dealer. Undeterred, our client continued his pursuit by contacting BMW NA directly and found his solution. After seeing a faxed list of M and BMW cars our client had previously owned and seeing our client’s passion for M cars, a rep at BMW NA realized that he would have to build him a 1M at any cost.

Together with BMW’s North American office, IND, and our client’s favorite dealership- Patrick BMW, our client embarked on a journey to create his perfect vision of a 1M. Patrick BMW has supported IND since the company’s youngest days, and was a perfect ally for building this car. Patrick helped coordinate the car’s “pre-delivery” delivery to IND’s facility with perfect smoothness, and their access to the BMW parts bin was invaluable in obtaining items like the performance steering wheel and spoiler on short notice.

Two months after our client’s conversation with BMW NA, IND’s staff was looking at a perfect, brand new Valencia Orange 1M, still fresh from transport, every possible surface still covered in protective plastic lining.

The 1M was sent directly to IND’s facility, before being delivered to our client, so we had to work fast. Knowing that one of the most sought-after M cars ever made is in town and waiting for pickup but having to wait for modifications to get installed is sure to provoke impatience in any man, and we did our best to make the wait for delivery a short one.

Our mission was therefore clear- build the best performing, most eye-catching 1M possible, and do the job in exactly 48 hours.

We began tearing into the brand new 1M as soon as it arrived at our facility. Many of the parts to be installed on the car were either prototype parts, or specifically selected because the manufacturer was early to market, and we knew some adjustments would be necessary.

The original hood was removed in favor of Seibon’s power dome equipped carbon fiber piece. Although the paint scheme is not of IND’s own design, our client is very creative and insisted on incorporating his ideas into the project. The Seibon hood and paint scheme are a direct result of our client’s own creative direction. IND added gloss black front and side grilles to eliminate the car’s only chrome trim. RevoZport provided their two-piece adjustable front lip and two-piece rear diffuser, giving the car an aggressive appearance.

Our client has been a loyal fan of Rogue Engineering short shifters, installing one in every M Rogue had a shifter for, so we knew we had to provide a short shifter for this car as well. We contacted Ben at Rogue Engineering and learned that he was developing a shifter but would not have a ready to sell solution ready for another two months. Despite this, Ben was able to build a one-off pre-production short shifter for our 1M project just days after we requested the piece.

We chose KW ‘s height adjustable sleeve kit to give this 1M flexibility in its height setting for year-round use. The sleeve kit includes springs that are well matched to the 1M’s original dampers but still allow for a controlled ride and reduced body roll along with sharper turn-in.

A car like this 1M must have a sound menacing enough to match its appearance. IND turned to Eisenmann for a tone that would be recognized even among a field of modified 1Ms. We coupled Eisenmann’s downpipe-back exhaust system with Akrapovic downpipes for a dramatic power increase over the 1M’s already formidable M-tuned engine. ESS Tuning provided software to optimize the power further, making this 1M an outright rocket.

No matter how many major modifications are installed on an IND Portfolio project, it is always the smaller details that truly finish the car. IND provided some of these one-off pieces by adding color-coded Valencia Orange steering wheel trim, a special Valencia Orange striped BMW Performance steering wheel, a BMW Performance rear spoiler with an M3 CRT style paint scheme, and an M badge finished in gloss black with hand-painted Valencia borders. We finished the car by applying a custom paint scheme to the car’s already beautiful engine cover.

All of IND’s staff is patiently waiting for the moment when our client finally takes delivery of his brand new 1M, this Saturday. Although our client never enjoyed the car in its stock form, we are confident that he will love our interpretation of BMW’s newest work of automotive art.

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Akrapovic E82 1M Downpipes

Akrapovic’s new 1M downpipe is one of their most thoroughly developed pieces to date. The ends of the downpipe are cast in stainless steel to allow the best possible exhaust flow, the flex bellows in the downpipe ensure that the exhaust system can move safely without damaging the turbochargers, and reinforced brackets will last for years. O2 sensor bungs are positioned in the factory locations for easy install.


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