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Photo Shoot: IND’s F10 M5 vists EAS in California

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IND F30 328i


A little surprise from the guys at 3D Design Japan. Originally they planned on sending our first batch of F30 kits August 27th, but a box arrived with a pleasant surprise 

Upon opening the box you can quickly deduce that this is a piece with every detail taken into consideration. The front lip comes with two retaining brackets for mounting on the inner wheel well. The retaining brackets are used to provide additional strength all the while placing less stress on the urethane bumper. The lip comes with perfect instructions albeit in Japanese, but also have very useful photos. The lip also features a aluminum L bracket on the inner bottom portion of the front lip to increase rigidity preventing sagging of the material in the front air dam. The lip is constructed of urethane and is a breeze to paint.

Full photo shoot to come when the remainder of the kit arrives, but in the meantime here are some images of the front lip. Enjoy

Imperial blue BMW (Sport)

iND Gloss black front grilles
iND painted front reflectors
iND gloss black lower whiskers
H&R Sport Springs

– 3D Design front lip
– 19″ BBS CH-R wheels [19×8.5 ET32/19×9.5 ET35]
– Yellow M Performance Brakes



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One Owner, 2 shades of grey – F10 M5 and E92 M3 Builds by iND

“Our clients are our best asset” has been repeated here at IND for so many years that it has become a sort of mantra for all of us here. Clients like Louis are proof of our consistent good fortune.

Louis approached us in need of consultation for his E92 M3. Although initially we were talking some small steps to improve the M3, the car eventually transformed into the beast seen in these photos. We are fortunate to work with a client like Louis because he allows us creative freedom, and his open mind and creative nature give us the oppotunity to try new color schemes and combinations on his cars. The M3 is a result of this creative freedom, with the Lamborghini Rosso Vik BBS FI wheels and ESS Supercharger manifold attesting to the fact that Louis is not afraid to add a bit of color and excitement to his modified cars.

His F10 M5 takes a somewhat more introverted approach, while still allowing for a unique modified appearance. Combined with an Eisenmann exhaust and 3D Design aero parts, the custom painted HRE wheels are the center piece of the car. Louis and IND chose HRE’s matte bronze finish as a base, and applied a real gold leaf insert inside the HRE logo found in the spoke of each wheel, along with the HRE center cap. After the gold leaf was applied we used a custom clear coat to allow the original matte bronze finish to truly shine.

Louis, thank you again for the opportunity to help you with your two amazing M cars!




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iND F10 M5 (SEMA 2012 Build)

Published on November 2, 2012 by in Uncategorized

Every person on earth who is lucky enough to have a stable, healthy, and safe lifestyle will eventually discover an irrefutable fact about themselves and their own humanity- there is a drive in each of us to push limits. This drive is so naturally ingrained, so deep within ourselves that most of us do not attempt to examine or explain it. But it is there. No matter what we do, no matter where our lives take us, each of us is simply built to exceed.

IND as a company is built on this principle. Our daily moves, each decision, each step is taken in an attempt to reach beyond ourselves. Some M enthusiasts may remember us from a project we completed in 2010, when a client of ours gifted us the opportunity to create our vision of the most possible from an E92 M3:


When BMW showed the world their next M5 masterpiece, there was no question among any of us that this car was our next mountain to climb. The car is beyond engineering marvel- it is a statement from BMW, a pure testament to the incredible level of excellence possible by this company. To move beyond what BMW delivered from the factory is a monumental task, but for us at IND it is not so much a question of how far should we go, but how far can we go. Over the upcoming year, the team at IND and our technology partners will push ourselves, this car, and our technical resources to their limits.

With the SEMA show less than 24 hours away from today, we are now ready to unveil stage 1 of the IND M5. The car’s current state is not only it’s first iteration in development, it’s also a mission statement- a preview of the car’s future direction. Stage 1 of our M5 was designed as homage to the amazing M3 GTS- BMW’s own track ready special edition M3. The car’s dynamics, appearance, sound, and safety equipment are modified with the intent to maintain the look and feel of a BMW special edition car, like the GTS itself.

IND has always been blessed with exceptionally strong relationships with our peers and partner companies, and we knew that a project of this caliber could not be completed without collaboration. We began assembling a team of the best and brightest in our industry, recruiting greats like AMS Performance, ESS Tuning, Eisenmann, KW, Recaro, and BBS. After hours of phone calls and meetings with our partners, the foundation for our project was laid, but it took only one phone call to change the stakes.

The moment we spoke with James at Falken Tire, we knew the build had entered a new dimension. The Falken Tire booth at the SEMA show proves to be the booth to watch year after year, showing the best and newest cars from tuners across the world. Each year Falken collects the best examples of cars created by the industry greats, and a simple stop at this booth will provide the SEMA attendee with a great view of what is happening now in our business. The stakes were high, and our M5 would be in the company of greats. We could not disappoint.

Thanks to Steve Thomas BMW, our M5 was one of the first delivered in the US, but in spite of this fast delivery the days leading to our car’s delivery were filled with anticipation. The SEMA show was a mere two months away from our M5’s delivery date. We had no time to waste, and no detail could be missed. A plan was in place before the car ever left California, but what would the M5 have in store when it finally arrived at our workshop? What surprises would the brand new engineering marvel hold? There was only one way to tell.

All eyes were on our new Alpine White machine the minute it rolled off of its enclosed transport. The car pulled slowly into our parking lot, it’s relatively sedate exhaust note failing to foreshadow our plans for the sedan. Our sense of accomplishment in simply acquiring the car was overshadowed by the tasks ahead, and we immediately got to work. Everything from seat positioning to tire sizing, wheel offset, and brake clearance had to be measured, checked, and evaluated as quickly as possible. Parts had to be ordered on the fly, and our partners had to move swiftly to help us make our goal a reality.

As each staff member helped to schedule and plan what would surely be a hectic few months, the team arrived at a logical first step- before we worked on any other aspects of the car we needed to install the prototype Carbon Fiber roof from Challenge Engineering. This single piece would net a nearly 50lb weight savings from the car, improving the car’s overall weight, center of gravity position, and overall performance. Cutting the roof from a brand new super sedan with a cost of nearly 6 figures is nothing if not exhilarating, and each of us looked on with a mixture of amusement and apprehension as the original metal roof panel was removed. Fortunately, the prototype roof panel fit perfectly and the install was completed without a hitch.

To accompany the lightweight roof panel, a Carbon Kevlar trunk, also made by Challenge Engineering was added to the car. We chose to paint the trunk in its entirety, so although the trunk saved an additional 22lbs, its presence goes unnoticed by the outside observer. Once again, the trunk saves weight in a key location on the car and will help improve performance in every category.

Our M5’s first stop was at the sprawling and spotless workshop of Fall Line Motorsports. If the three full-size race trailers do not inspire perfect confidence in Fall Line’s ability to build incredible race parts, the company’s history as a racing car builder and fabrication facility certainly speak for themselves. Fall Line was entrusted with a difficult task- our M5 had to have a “street friendly” roll bar for the SEMA show to go with our GTS style theme, but the simple roll bar had to convert to something more for the second phase of the car’s build. Fall Line designed a roll bar and seat mounts completely from scratch, and installed the safety equipment in less than one and a half weeks.

The seat mounts in question were designed to support one of my favorite pieces on the M5- the Carbon Kevlar Recaro Profi SPA seats. Recaro is a company of master craftsmen and engineers, and is responsible for seats found in factory built sports cars all over the world. Recaro’s racing experience is also second to none, and the ultra light, ultra strong Carbon Kevlar seats helped shed a tremendous amount of weight from the car. The seats were combined with a fire extinguisher and 6 point harnesses from Italian racing legends Sabelt for a complete safety package. Removing so much original safety equipment from the M5 meant that the highly intelligent computer system had a great deal to inform us of. The car’s safety notices were disabled by our crack programmer who learned the car’s computer systems literally as he went.

Once the interior components were added the M5 travelled to our upholsterer, where a custom rear closeout was built to closely resemble the original rear seat. The closeout paneling was constructed to reduce road noise and close the trunk area from the passenger compartment now that the M5 had a roll bar. The paneling was upholstered in a matching Alcantara fabric, and our master upholsterer even took the time to match the original BMW stitch pattern- a true artist’s touch!

The interior package was completed by adding extremely grippy aluminum performance pedals from 3D Design, along with a custom designed gauge pod by IND. Pressing the cup holder lid on our M5’s center console reveals a trio of Stack gauges, allowing for quick and easy reference to vitals like oil pressure, water temperature, and boost. Fortunately for us, the Stack boost gauge has a generous range of 30psi, allowing some extra room for future upgrades.

Like the M3 GTS, our M5 uses KW ClubSport coilovers. The ClubSports on the M5 include 3 way valving adjustment, so despite their excellent balance of handling performance and ride quality, they will retain the adjustability to function as a true performance coilover. The stainless steel strut housings, composite spring perches, and excellent sealing of the spherical bearings allow for year-round use, and are one of the many reasons BMW chose the same part on their own track-ready GTS model. We have lowered the M5 to have an aggressive stance perfect for the SEMA show, but will raise it to a more functional ride height next season, as the car prepares for track work.

Through our baseline testing we found that the braking system of the car was very well developed from the factory, but was not quite track-ready to its very street friendly nature. The brake fluid began to boil during hard use, and the brake pads were simply not up to the task. By working with CarboTech we have developed a series of brake pad applications for the F10 M5 pad shape, and our own M5 now sports their very track-capable XP12 compound in front, and XP10 compound in the rear pad position. Brake fluid has been changed to Castrol’s famous SRF fluid for the highest possible boiling point and moisture resistance.

Wheels can make or break the performance and visual impact of any car, and IND looked no further than the world famous BBS for our ideal wheel solution. BBS FI wheels reduced the car’s unsprung mass and provided the width necessary to use our planned tire sizes. Although the BBS FI is not available as a standard application for the F10 M5 just yet, our FI wheels fit the car perfectly thanks to some help from BBS. The wheels are refinished in Porsche’s beautiful Grauschwarz color, a grey that changes as you approach the car and perfectly highlights the wheel design while maintaining a subtle feel.

Falken Tire have been instrumental in pushing this project along, and have supplied the 275 width front and 305 width rear tires found on the FI wheels. The new FK453 tire is a strong mix of dry weather grip, wet weather traction, and low road noise that combine with our overall package to make this M5 a car that is useable on the road but also extremely capable when driven in anger.

The engineers at AMS Performance are already hard at work developing performance solutions for the S63tu engine, and IND will offer a host of staged power increase solutions to transform the M5. As the winter months unfold and we move toward our car’s second stage of development IND will reveal a host of AMS engineered upgrades for the F10 M5.

The already capable S63tu engine’s personality is enhanced with a complete Eisenmann exhaust system. Eisenmann’s exhaust bolts directly to the downpipes, it’s generous piping size and smooth bends evacuating spent exhaust gasses as quickly as possible from the monstrous quad 102mm tips. Hearing the S63tu engine uncorked is certainly an experience all of us will remember for years. The sound of the two turbochargers coupled with the V8s powerful rumble are a perfect combination, and are a perfect fit for the car’s sporting personality.

After a grueling one and a half months our M5 sat in our shop, mechanically complete. Although the car was functionally every bit the super sports sedan we had hoped for, it was still far from complete.

IND enlisted Japanese BMW tuner 3D Design to provide a front lip and rear diffuser combination that were both visually striking and light in weight. The pure Carbon Fiber construction of both pieces ensured that no significant weight was added to the car, and the excellent tooling and workmanship of 3D Design proved to result in a perfect fit. A 3D Design trunk spoiler in Carbon Fiber added to the car’s aggressive appearance. Gloss black front and side grilles, along with a custom painted M5 trunk badge rounded off the car’s exterior accessories.

Finally, the M5 was ready for the final and perhaps most important step of its preparation for the SEMA show. The folks at Falken Tire have granted their support not only throughout the project’s construction process, but also by hosting the car at their very own booth at the SEMA show. We enlisted the help of Jon Sibal, one of the great designers in our BMW community to help us create a theme and color scheme that would help make the car a clear fit in Falken’s booth while maintaining a clear IND feel and personality. After waiting a few weeks for the results, watching my computer download Jon’s rendering image file felt exactly like opening a Christmas gift. I knew something tremendous was in store, but Jon had left the design largely a surprise. The rendered M5 came to life on my screen with the entire IND team gathered around, and we all felt love at first sight.

Making the complex striping a reality was not easy, and we once again turned to our facility’s best paint professional for help. He has been employed at our shop for just over 30 years, and I knew we were in good hands.

Before we could paint Jon’s vision onto to body of our M5, a few final steps had to be completed. First, the front reflectors were permanently shaved from the front bumper, giving the car a more clean and cohesive appearance. Our next step was intended to take the car from a standard M5 to something truly SEMA-worthy. The entire car was stripped bare in a matter of 10 hours and refinished in Lamborghini’s Balloon White paint finish, with a special paint mixture. The Balloon White paint maintains the car’s original white exterior appearance, but upon closer inspection is a brilliant multi layer pearl which creates an unforgettable effect.

Our last step was to bring Jon Sibal’s design to life. Our head painter masked each portion of the stripe design purely by hand, carefully checking for perfect symmetry and the closest possible match to the original design. The Falken colors were applied to the car’s exterior, it’s roll cage, and the brake calipers to perfectly integrate the car with the rest of the Falken cars to be found at their SEMA booth.

Although we’ve reached the end of this thread, we have not reached the end of this M5’s story. The car’s current trim level provides a great base to build from, but is only the tip of the iceberg compared to the work ahead. Through this process, this M5 has taught me a lesson about human character. The pursuit of what’s next is not just a curiosity, it is built in to our collective psyche. Our M5, then, is not merely a project car. It is not merely a collection of parts, not just a showcase of possible additions to an already incredible super sedan. It is an attempt to portray this concept, to transform it into a living, breathing, moving machine.


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The F10 M5, by iND

For most dedicated BMW enthusiasts, the F10 M5 is a car they simply had to have. BMW promised us great things with this new M car, and the M division rarely disappoints. The car’s amazing new twin turbo power plant, extremely versatile personality, and typical M chassis dynamics told us at IND to expect this M5 to be nothing short of the next sports sedan icon.

Thanks to Steve Thomas BMW, our dream of owning an F10 M5 has become a reality. IND’s own M5 will be an homage to the M tradition of building the world’s best sports sedan, albeit taken to an extreme a few levels above what BMW themselves are willing to do.

IND Distribution has joined with the best and brightest in our industry with one simple goal in mind- to create the absolute best F10 M5 possible. IND is proud to introduce our team of technology partners:


While we cannot disclose the specifics of this project just yet, it is absolutely without question that all of us at IND are tremendously excited about the months to come. We hope that in developing our own F10 M5 and pushing the car to it’s absolute maximum we will be able to learn valuable lessons useful not only for IND, but for the entire M5 community.

Please check this thread often, as in the next few weeks we will continue to post updates while we test and develop our F10 M5 project car.

iND M5 hits Steve Thomas BMW-

AMS Stock Dyno testing

Carbon Fiber Roof installed!


KW Clubsport kit installed

Read more…

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Liquid Fusion Lincolnshire by iND

True automotive enthusiasts are usually relegated to the local coffee shops or bookstore cafes for a relaxing coffee or snack, where the only high performance allowed was inside your beverage — until now. On September 23rd at 1:00pm the IND Group will be formally unveiling a new Liquid Fusion Cafe in Lincolnshire, an offshoot of the original and highly regarded Liquid Fusion Cafe in Northbrook. A unique aspect of this new location is that it will feature a car-themed appearance, including classic photos of IND’s various creations and client projects over the years.

As you’ll notice on Yelp or anywhere else, the Liquid Fusion Cafes serve some of the best Bubble Tea in the Chicago area, so you can be certain the very same quality you’ve come to know and love will be present here. One legendary mantra is “No Frozen Fruit Ever!”, so of course all fresh fruit is cut every single morning and your taste buds reap the benefits. In addition, Illy coffee from Italy will grace their menu. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying Bubble Tea or Illy coffee, you are most likely already craving either or both!

In fact, the concept for IND as a company was actually formed over drinks at the original Northbrook location, so the genesis comes full circle as IND opens their own cafe in Lincolnshire. Future events will include local meets, “Cars & Coffee” weekends, and other automotive-related events.

The all-new Liquid Fusion Cafe is located at 275 Parkway Drive, Suite 315 in Lincolnshire, IL 60069. Officially, the Grand Opening will take place on September 23rd at 1:00pm. We hope to see you there!


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IND F10 M5 tests are finished. The IND M5 build starts now!

I am proud to announce that IND’s last round of baseline testing is complete. After a busy week we have managed to record and log some track miles at AutoBahn Country Club’s south course, as well as a series of runs at our local drag strip, Great Lakes Dragway. If I could walk away with one impression of the M5 after putting the supersedan through it’s trials, it is that this M5 works “exactly as advertised”. Most M5 owners can now attest to the fact that the F10 M5 is a performance car of the highest caliber, and after our rounds of testing last week we are happy to report the same.

Our build schedule for our M5 project did not allow us to be as thorough as we would have liked- the extremely tight timeline between now and SEMA means that we are not able to wait for private days and closed courses as normal, and had to simply test the car as soon as possible. This did result in some limited opportunities, but we were still able to gather the key points- a consistent lap time and quarter mile time.

Each member of IND’s staff waited with eager anticipation as our M5 took off for AutoBahn Country Club for the first time. We’ve known of course that this car has enjoyed rave reviews from journalists worldwide even when put through it’s paces on a race track, but how would it perform in the hands of a real driver in the real world?

The car captured the eyes of many onlookers while it rolled onto Autobahn’s South Track pit, with only the roar of the Eisenmann system and the Eisenmann graphics on the side differentiating this M5 from an “off the showroom floor” car. I joined our test driver for his first few laps, and as he grew familiar with the car’s behavior we quickly developed a respect for the car’s composure on the track, and also it’s forgiving but interactive nature.

Our driver was able to dip below the 1:40 mark with the M5 in factory trim, a very impressive time for a 4,300lbs sedan! More than the lap time itself, the balance and ability of the car was what was truly impressive. The car was able to remain cool throughout the sessions, and although the brakes faded with time, they were still up to the task of decelerating the supersedan throughout the day. We certainly have our work cut out for us in improving the car’s performance, but will be able to do so as we improve the braking, power output, and weight of our M5.

A mere two days later the car was headed to Great Lakes Dragway, this time accompanied by Ivan of AMS Performance, our hot shoe for all straight line tests. We expected good performance from the car, but were hampered by our lack of launch control as we performed the test with a mere 900 miles on the clock.

AMS Performance have developed an absolutely incredible program for the Nissan GTR, and will be bringing their engineering expertise to the table with our project as official technology partners of IND. Ivan, the driver for AMS Performance has a great deal of experience with DCT style transmissions, and although we were restricted to an open day was able to learn the transmission and get a good launch in just a few runs. Our best time was an 11.978 at 119mph, with a 1.9 60’ time, and although this can clearly still be improved with better tires, launch control, and some more time in the driver’s seat, it still managed to turn some heads at the drag strip! Few present that had seen a sedan capable of a sub-12 second quarter mile right from the factory.

Enjoy the photos from both test days! We will update this thread with video at the beginning of next week.






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Center of Gravity

There is always just a hint of trepidation when the concept of altering body or framework is on the table. By this point in time, IND has performed a great many such operations, especially with respect to roof panel replacement. The list of models we have installed carbon fiber roof panels on is quite extensive, including the E46 M3, E90 M3, 1M, and of course our ongoing F10 M5 project. Regardless of how proficient we may have become over the years, there is never a full desensitization to what is essentially cutting up the very fabric of what BMW painstakingly created only a short time ago. Watching that industrial equipment begin to work away at the carefully designed metal inevitably turns the stoutest heart to consternation, if only for a brief moment.

This was precisely the direction that Colin, a dedicated client of Andrew’s, was facing head-on. As a young professional who had put his heart and soul into his work to obtain his dream car, he wanted to put an equal amount of heart and soul into the car itself, and turned once again to IND for the next step. While even the most casual viewer could clearly see that Colin’s E92 M3 was far from stock, his desire was to create an even more aggressive presence, all the while continuing the clean design of the M division, even to the point of maintaining a color scheme of white, black, and blue — similar to BMW’s Roundel theme.

Initially the M3 coupe was purchased with the sunroof option, but Colin quickly discovered that not only did this feature receive little use, he longed for the lighter weight and lower center of gravity a carbon fiber panel afforded. We were only too happy to assist with another industry first, and promptly replaced the heavy existing roof panel with an OEM BMW carbon fiber E92 piece, matching the factory design precisely. Since we as enthusiasts have a difficult time changing only one thing at a time, Colin worked with us to enhance a great many other facets of his M3 as well.
Previously, we had graced this particular coupe with a sinister Eisenmann Black Series exhaust, matching Volk TE37 wheels in black under Hankook RS3 rubber, a set of KW Variant 3 coilovers to provide that purposeful stance, and a handful of minor cosmetic touches. This time, our focus would be providing more depth to the appearance, with the exception of swapping over to a set of Falken RT615K tires in 275/35/18 at the front and a monstrous 305/30/18 at the rear. To accomodate these steamrollers, we had our best bodywork specialist carefully and almost imperceptibly widen the rear fenders, as with a few previous Portfolio Projects.

Even those significant modifications melt into the background when you see the front and rear of Colin’s M3. The entire front bumper was replaced with a paint-matched LTBMW piece, dramatically altering the head-on appearance. Completing the new look is a Slek 1M lip painted a contrasting black. Similarly, the rear holds a great deal of unique alteration, as Colin wanted something very different from the usual combinations. Intrigued, we decided to take a modified Arkym upper section, paint it gloss black, and fit the infamous Varis lower diffuser in full carbon fiber to form a truly aggressive rear end. Naturally, the resulting effect is just too eye-catching for only one glance, and quickly you begin to realize what clean and vicious can look like when merged correctly.

Continuing with more contrast to offset the white paint, we added a myriad of gloss black pieces, including front and rear bumper mesh, front grilles, side grills, mirror caps, hood vents, and a carbon fiber BMW performance lip spoiler on the trunk lid. Inside, to complete the BMW Motorsport feel, a Performance steering wheel and BMW competition e-brake handle were installed. While our client was extremely pleased with the new attitude given to his E92 M3, it was no secret to us all that Colin would return again for even more work in the near future. Until then, we here at IND are not only proud to be a part of the very first E92 OEM carbon fiber roof swap, but also of the ongoing evolution Colin has planned.

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Uncharted territory- Creating IND’s first F10 M5 Portfolio Project

Perhaps the effect will wear off in time, but for now seeing an F10 M5 in the flesh feels like peering into a toy store. For our client Tom, who has already brought several of his cars to us for some special touches, even a stock twin-turbo super sedan cannot be left untouched. Tom has been an ardent BMW enthusiast since medical school, jumping right into the fray with a supercharged E36 M3. Today, with his X5M having departed, we knew this new replacement would have to really turn heads.


Despite the power output of his new M5 topping even his R8 V10 right out of the box, Tom felt that both sound and output could be improved, so of course we happily obliged with the recently-introduced Eisenmann Sport rear section exhaust system for some added throatiness. This was ordered specially with the rare oval tip option, which will further distinguish this particular F10 from its peers. To make these fit properly, the exhaust was combined with the innovative Eisenmann rear diffuser painted gloss black for sharp contrast with the Alpine White body color.
Matching the rear diffuser is a gloss black Revinora front lip, which fills in the lower end of the bumper for an OEM Plus look. We added IND’s Cosmetic Package, including custom painted gloss black front grilles and side grilles in Alpine White with light LED tint. Our rear spoilers with CRT theme have gained popularity quite rapidly, and we installed a lightweight one from BMW Performance with an Alpine White stripe setting off the carbon fiber perfectly. Rather than leave the existing rear M5 trunk badge chrome, gloss black paint was applied to again bring relief against the light-colored body.

Stance and handling have always been an integral foundation of any project we undertake, and the new F10 is no exception. The factory wheels were swapped with a gorgeous set of BBS RE in 20×9.5 front and 20×10.5 rear, painted silver, which singlehandedly changed the presence and feel of the car. The proper ride height was achieved with a new Variant 3 coilover kit from KW specifically designed for the F10 M5. These come with an EDC delete module that eliminates any errors caused by disconnecting the original BMW EDC dampers.

In addition to providing many levels of damping with respect to compression and rebound, the F10 M5 coilovers supply mildly progressive springs while maintaining optimum shock travel. For compliant ride comfort, custom bump stops are used, and ride height has a wide range of adjustment to obtain the best possible stance. We never tire of the colorful purple and yellow used by KW, and the fit and finish quality is absolutely world class as always. Even more importantly, confidence is inspired by the relentless amount of testing and calibration done by the engineers at KW, from their state-of-the-art computer simulated environments and test rigs to world-renowned race circuits such as the Nurburgring and beyond.

Our client and friend Tom now has an F10 M5 that is not only set apart from any other on the road today, but also can hold its head high when parked alongside any of his other cars. Standing out next to something like an R8 is a difficult prospect for virtually any car, but we all feel proud that this new M5 has been improved well beyond OEM while staying within BMW’s amazing engineering standards. We here at IND consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to enhance such an iconic new machine!

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F10 M5 KW Suspension from IND Distribution.

KW Automotive is a name synonymous with something more than just suspension performance and excellent handling. For 20 years KW has strived for a level of excellence far beyond the norm among performance suspension manufacturers. KW engineers have consistently invested in the highest levels of training, technology, and equipment, making the company uniquely qualified to manufacture suspension parts for Porsche, AMG, Dodge, and of course the coilovers found on the amazing M3 GTS.

KW’s Fichtenburg, Germany based manufacturing, warehouse, and research facility covers 250,000 square feet of space and houses a 7 post suspension testing stand- 15 7 post test rigs exist in the world today, and are mostly used by 9 of the 12 current Formula 1 teams. KW’s in-house 7 post test rig allows dynamic simulation of road conditions as well as cornering loads, giving KW engineers the major advantage of a computer controlled environment before any real-world suspension testing begins. Additionally, all KW suspension products are also verified at the Nurburgring, Hockenheimring, and in racing events worldwide.

IND is proud to present the new suspension program for the F10 M5. Two types of KW coilover kit for the F10 are already here at IND, awaiting installation:


KW Variant 3


The Variant 3 coilover suspension allows for damping adjustment in compression and rebound for those who wish to achieve a custom tuned level of performance. The V3 coilover uses a mildly progressive rate spring and original BMW upper mounts for an excellent combination of comfortable ride and handling performance. The V3 coilover also come with an EDC delete module that eliminates any errors caused by disconnecting the original BMW EDC dampers. Helper springs are used in the rear to maintain an ideal spring length while maintaining good shock travel in droop, and custom bump stops ensure that the ride is comfortable throughout the shock’s travel in bump. Ride height is of course fully adjustable, to give each M5 the perfect unique look and stance.

KW’s ClubSport coilover are available with two and three way damping adjustment, and IND has elected to import the three way ClubSport coilovers first.

KW ClubSport

The KW ClubSport 3 way is a truly impressive product- KW’s engineers started with the goal of bringing racing shock valving technology to the road, and integrating race winning performance with an OEM-like durability. To that end, the three way adjustable ClubSports include external fluid reservoirs, high speed and low speed compression adjustment, and rebound damping adjustment for an extremely effective shock package, while maintaining the composite perches, stainless steel shock housings, and specially designed shielded spherical bearing upper mounts to maintain an OE level service life. Linear rate main springs and front and rear helper springs maintain an ideal shock travel in bump and droop, which is carefully matched to bump stops of the appropriate length.


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