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iND returns to BimmerFest!

Pilgrimage is so common among human cultures that it can almost be considered a cultural universal among all people on earth. Many cultures and religions have revered places, holy lands that the people of that culture travel to by the thousands to gain enlightenment and a more complete sense of self. If there is one such pilgrimage for BMW fans, it is BimmerFest. Year after year BMW enthusiasts come in greater and greater numbers to southern California to celebrate their love for BMW cars, and year after year IND and our staff join these people.

IND once again traveled to BimmerFest this year to experience BMW nirvana with fellow BMW fans. This year we were fortunate enough to have two of our favorite Portfolio Project cars at the Race Technologies/Brembo booth, and the IND and WSTO Z4 at the ESS Tuning booth. Thanks to both companies for hosting our cars, and thanks to everyone for stopping by the booths!

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