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IND | F85 X5M/F86 X6M Front Kidney Grill DIY

Published on August 18, 2015 by in Uncategorized
IND | F85 X5M/F86 X6M Front Kidney Grill DIY

Even as BMW trends toward more aggressive vehicle styling, they continued to opt for a chrome accent trim on their infamous kidney grills and fender trim. Fortunately, BMW now offers a range of gloss black accessories to replace the trim pieces and match the shadowline window trim.

Among the options for the F85 X5M and F86 X6M are the gloss black front kidney grills. For those that have opened the hood and peered into the tidy bay with its M clad covers, you will notice that access to the front kidney grills is not such a simple task. As a means to assist clients in their installs, our technicians have discovered and easy, albeit unconventional method of removing the front kidney grills. This is a similar practice used on the F10 M5 front kidney grills and has been performed hundreds of times without a single failure. That said, we recommend everyone exercise caution as to not damage the paint or the kidney grills during the removal and installation process.

As with all DIY’s, there are many ways to install items and this is simply one example. Now for the fun part.

Step 1: 
The first step in this procedure is to mask the area on the bottom and sides of the front kidney grills. This is a precautionary step to protect the vehicles paint.

Step 2: 
This is the aforementioned “unconventional” approach to the front grill removal. Using two microfiber towels, grasp the vertical slats second furthest from either end of the kidney grill.

Step 3: 
Use even force and pull the front kidney grills toward your body. This may take a few tries, but if performed properly it will release without breaking the tabs.

Step 4: 
Repeat Step 3 with the other kidney grill

Step 5: 
Remove the painters tape and install the gloss black kidney grills. The grills will click into place.

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