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IND’s M4 at AutoBahn Country Club!

Published on July 14, 2015 by in Uncategorized
IND’s M4 at AutoBahn Country Club!

After Chicago’s long winter, an event like June’s GridLife is exactly what the IND team needed. GridLife weekend is a unique motorsport festival, combining HPDE lapping, competition Time Attack, and even a drift exhibition under one umbrella. Thousands of fans and spectators came to AutoBahn Country Club for GridLife’s Saturday and Sunday extravaganza.

IND’s own Cat brought her personal E36 M3 track car, and I was able to finally enjoy the M4 around AutoBahn’s South Course. For this weekend we elected to install the incredibly lightweight BBS FI-R wheels with Yokohama’s famous AD08R tires, and a complete aero package from RKP, including the rear wing. Eisenmann’s catless downpipes added extra power for AutoBahn’s straights, our Brembo GT kit with TS20 pads would help keep us on the track in the braking zones, and a full Fall Line spherical bearing and JRZ suspension package helps keep the car firmly planted as we navigate South Course.

As I pulled the M4 into the blend line of AutoBahn’s South course, the M4’s sport mode made the car feel as though it was tingling in anticipation. The heavy steering, perfect turbo response, and feedback from the JRZ suspension made my heart rate jump immediately, before the tires even had a chance to warm up.

Both Saturday’s and Sunday’s session started with a bit of rain, which added excitement to the weekend. It is always a pleasure to drive in wet or patchy weather. The limited traction is extremely educational, and a thrill to work around. The M4 handled the mixed weather beautifully!

Overall, it will come as no shock to BimmerPost members that the F82 M4 is incredibly composed on the track. I was incredibly impressed with the car’s ability to remain dynamic and responsive to inputs, while still remaining forgiving enough to enable the driver to modify the car’s attitude in all conditions (especially wet). Understeer and oversteer could be easily corrected, and the brakes allowed for adjustment of the car’s turn-in behavior as needed. The higher grip level of the AD08R tires, the compliance of the JRZ suspension, and the excellent repeatability of Brembo’s GT kit gave me a car that could be driven consistently throughout the weekend, allowing me to make minor adjustments throughout to improve my driving, without having to think about upsetting the car.

Our initial impressions leave us very happy with both the car as it comes from BMW, and the modifications we’ve applied. A more extensive, data-driven track test of the car happened just last week, with one of Fall Line’s racing drivers behind the wheel. Please stay tuned as we publish those results!

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