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The fruit of our labor: IND’s M4 gets the complete Fall Line suspension treatment.

Published on May 29, 2015 by in Uncategorized

As many of you know, IND has been cooperating with the engineers at Fall Line Motorsport to analyze and improve the F8x M cars’ already potent suspension. For those who need to catch up, our various discussions have been covered in these threads:

An announcement of our newest project with Fall Line

An introduction to our suspension plans, and available components.

After months of tireless analysis, testing, and manufacturing, I am proud to report that we have completed the first phases of F8x M suspension development. Our shelves are stocked with Fall Line Motorsport suspension, and just before BimmerFest we had a chance to sneak our M4 over to Fall Line’s facility for installation of the complete Fall Line suspension kit. Some of the most exciting aspects of working with Fall Line to develop these suspension solutions are our ability to design these pieces with a systems approach, and our ability to test and validate these components.

All of the pieces in the M3/M4’s suspension interact together as the car moves through cornering, braking, and acceleration, and by inspecting each piece at once we can design accordingly. A change to a bushing here will affect suspension arm displacement elsewhere. Rigid bushings enable less suspension deflection and a limited geometry change during suspension movement, which also allows us to use a slightly softer spring rate. This gives more overall compliance, and the whole system works better.

Additionally, our ability to test and validate these components is second to none. In cooperation with Fall Line we are granted the privilege of access to their facility at Autobahn Country Club, along with Fall Line’s experienced drivers. Look for more information on this second component in the near future, as we put our own IND M4 through its paces at the Autobahn Country Club test course.

Our car pulled up to one of Fall Line’s many lifts with a host of modifications already installed: an Eisenmann exhaust system with downpipes takes care of necessary exhaust flow, a Brembo GT kit provide a far larger pad swept area and better floating disc design than factory, Volk ZE40 wheels in IND’s own PVD finish provide a very rigid base for the suspension to attach to, and a full 3D Design aero kit gives our M4 a striking appearance. With the help of Fall Line’s master technicians, we were ready to transform our M4 from a car that looked fantastic to a car that also handled as well as it looked.

No matter how many years I spend in this industry, I will never grow tired of the feeling of seeing a collection of well-designed parts. We would be adding Fall Line’s front spherical bearing kit, rear upper spherical bearing kit, and toe adjustment arms, to complement the JRZ suspension valved specifically to IND and Fall Line spec.

Over the course of several hours, original BMW suspension arms and bushings were removed…

…and Fall Line designed components were installed in their place.

I couldn’t help but be impressed by the attention to detail in each component. The JRZ rear height adjusters cleverly attach to the M4’s floor, enabling easy adjustment and limiting movement when the suspension is relaxed. The JRZ camber plate offers a superior design to all other camber plates I’ve seen, being specifically built to sandwich the intermediate plate between an upper and lower locking plate, precisely locking the camber adjustment with no chance of slippage. The recessed design of the camber plate also minimizes stack height, and increases front suspension travel in bump to the absolute maximum possible. Fall Line’s toe adjustment arms feature Aurora bearings, ARP hardware, and laser cut eccentric lockouts for a perfect alignment every time. I was thrilled to install such top quality components on our M4!

During our install we took care to reveal the damper adjusters while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of all original BMW trim for a factory-like appearance and function. The JRZ dampers looked right at home in the wheel well of our Yas Marina Blue M4!

Our M4 made its way to California for the BimmerFest show just days after installation was completed, but even the street driving that I was able to complete prior to the car’s departure gave me the distinct impression that we have something special in this suspension package. The car’s ride is smooth, compliant, and comfortable. The turn-in is sharp and incredibly precise. I look forward to updating BimmerPost when we test these suspension components at the AutoBahn road course. Thank you all for reading, and please stay tuned!

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