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Embracing the future: IND interprets the i3 and i8.

Published on May 18, 2015 by in Uncategorized

Being a car enthusiast in the 21st century brings with it an interesting duality: one typically develops a love for technology and science in a pursuit of better understanding of a modern car’s systems, but the more science a modern car enthusiast understands in pursuit of their hobby, the more one is confronted with a stark reality: burning fossil fuels for personal transportation has been a science experiment conducted by billions of people on a global scale, with consequences that are uncertain at best and absolutely dire at worst.

The realities of internal combustion are not lost on BMW, and although no auto maker in the world loves the sports car more than BMW, the brand has embraced alternative fuels, electric vehicles, and hybrids. Since BMW’s early attempts at hydrogen burning engines in their Hydrogen 7 concept, BMW engineers have resolutely pursued the future of the automobile.

The advent of BMW’s i vehicles has ushered in a new era of environmentally conscious technology. It should come as no surprise that the BMW version of the environmentally friendly automobile is not simply an appliance made only for commuting, but rather a machine with soul that expresses passion and a love for the automobile, even while standing still. Ultra high efficiency electric and hybrid cars are here to stay, and all of us at IND are grateful that BMW has taken on the challenge.

As always, when BMW breaks new ground, we at IND do our best to follow suit. We have done everything possible to create new parts for the i3 and i8 cars with our technology partners, and are working hard to create a full host of components designed to help the BMW i enthusiast personalize their cars. IND’s i program is expanding steadily, and we are proud to introduce our interpretations of the BMW i.

IND i3:
IND painted reflectors
3D Design front lip, gloss black
Gloss black foglight surrounds
Gloss black front bumper slats
Carbon fiber mirror caps
Gloss black grille surrounds

Cobra lowering springs

HRE 303 M wheels, ilectric blue outer barrel and face, gloss charcoal inner barrel

IND i8:
IND painted reflectors

Cobra lowering springs

HRE S101 wheels, gloss charcoal outer barrel and face, ilectric blue inner barrel

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