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Pad swept area: a quick comparison between BMW OEM and Brembo GT.

Published on January 21, 2015 by in Uncategorized
Pad swept area: a quick comparison between BMW OEM and Brembo GT.

The introduction of a monobloc fixed caliper on the F8x M cars was a windfall for M3 fans everywhere, improving not only the appearance and style of the car’s brake system from the factory, but also (and most importantly), the temperature control, stopping power, and pedal feel. The change from the old E92 M3’s sliding multi-piece calipers to the current fixed calipers represented a technological leap, and M fans around the world expressed their excitement.

IND plans to take advantage of the improved brake system found in the F8x M cars by further developing those components, including drop-in brake pad and rotor solutions from industry leaders like Race Technologies and Girodisc, along with pad and fluid packages that will help make the M4 a performer in harsh track environments. Our developments here will help the M community enjoy their cars in HPDE and road course lapping days by making simple, relatively low cost modifications.

With that said, the F8x M cars continue to suffer from BMW M’s tendency of opting for very large brake calipers with a high performance appearance, but coupling those with relatively small brake pads with limited effective swept area. It is this attribute that I wanted to elaborate on in this thread. Brake pad swept area is a contributing factor in nearly all aspects of braking performance, and impacts everything from overall generated friction, to temperature dissipation and rotor wear.

I’ve created a number of CAD drawings in SolidWorks of both the OE BMW brake pads, and a Brembo GT front pad for comparison purposes, to illustrate the difference in swept area between the two kits. My analysis of each pad’s respective area gave the following results:

M3/M4 OEM front: 71cm²

M3/M4 OEM rear: 40cm²

Brembo GT front: 95cm²

Brembo GT rear: 62cm²

The top pads in the below photo are from Brembo’s GT big brake kit, while the bottom pads are part of IND’s OEM fitment performance pad development program.

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