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Official info on AMS’ new M5 tune, from IND!

Published on January 17, 2015 by in Uncategorized
Official info on AMS’ new M5 tune, from IND!

After two years of waiting, the F10 M5’s S63tu engine control has been unlocked to tuners with the M5 community buzzing with a palpable excitement. IND understands that unlocking the car’s engine control is only half of the picture- after learning to effectively communicate with the ECU, we must also understand how to properly modify the engine’s behavior and look at all engine components from a complete system perspective. Changing one aspect of the engine’s behavior will impact all of the other parameters as well.

It is precisely this understanding, and this level of complete system control that an open ECU allows, and a piggy back controller can never achieve. It is precisely for this reason that IND dropped our M5 at AMS for research and development nearly two years ago, eschewing the easy to obtain alternatives offered by cheap, low quality piggy back controllers. Today, we are proud to announce that our (and your) wait is over.

AMS Performance has finally released an Alpha tune for the F10 M5, and as expected the first M5 to be tuned by AMS has yielded incredible results. The months of testing and development on IND’s own F10 M5 have given AMS a running start, and combined with AMS’ incredible knowledge of tuning and engine control systems will now ensure that AMS performance software continues to be an industry leader in the F10 M5 market. AMS has an absolutely one-of-a-kind history within the tuning community. AMS has set records in drag racing, road racing, time attack, and nearly every other form of motorsport, starting from their humble beginnings with DSM cars, and finally moving to Evo and GTR platforms. The tuning community knows that an AMS Alpha car is an absolutely fearsome machine.

AMS’ Alpha tune for the M5 will include:

* 100 horsepower gain over the factory power output
* True ECU reflash, balancing the critical parameters of the engine for safe operation
* Top speed limiter removal
* CEL removal

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