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IND | F82 M3 / F80 M3 KW H.A.S. “Sleeve” Kits Inbound

Published on August 29, 2014 by in Uncategorized
IND | KW H.A.S. “Sleeve” Kits Inbound

IND has maintained a partnership for the greater part of our companies life cycle. We are proud to have early access to one of their most popular solutions, the H.A.S. sleeve kit.

Founded in 1992 in Murrhardt Germany, KW has grown to become a leading suspension tuner for European and Japanese cars. KW suspension is developed thoroughly by KW’s engineers to have an extremely long service life and create a balance between great handling and a comfortable ride quality. KW has equipped winning race teams for over a decade, and is a supplier to AMG as well as BMW in the M3 GTS. KW’s facility is one of only 15 facilities worldwide to be equipped with a 7 post suspension test rig, giving regular M3 enthusiasts access to Formula 1 technology.

KW’s sleeve kit for the F8X M3/M4 allows a large range of height adjustment while retaining the factory electronic damping control. The factory spring perches are removed from the front dampers, and KW’s own threaded height-adjustable perches are installed. The kit includes progressive rate lowering springs for each corner of the car, height adjustable spring perches for the front and rear, strengthened and shortened bump stops and KW shock sleeves to protect the OE BMW dampers.

IND will have access to the first 35 kits inbound from Germany. The first batch of kits will arrive mid to late September. Below is a link to the listing on our site as well as some more information regarding KW’s 7 post rig testing.


KW Part# 253200AN

KW 7-post rig driving dynamic testing:


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