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Yin and Yang- Two very different E92 M3s from Singletrack and Team Plutonium

The Yin and Yang concept of Chinese philosophy represents a balance found everywhere in life and nature. In its most simple form, it is the idea that opposite and seemingly opposing concepts cannot exist without one another. You can’t have a concept of light without knowledge of darkness; it is not possible to have a definition of hot without understanding cold. In this same way, whatever appeal either of these M3s have individually is magnified by the presence of their counterpart. We were fortunate enough to have both cars at our facility this past week, and were able to see how these radically different approaches to modification have created two great cars.

Philip (Team Plutonium on this forum) and Chris (Singletrack) are not strangers to IND’s offices. Both are great clients and great friends of the IND staff, and have completed several projects with us:



Both are avid M enthusiasts and appreciate a clean and purpose-built car, but their approaches to modifying their M3s are nearly polar opposites. Chris and Philip made their way to IND last week to take their next steps with each M3.

Chris’ M3 has always been a journey to build the perfect “OEM-plus” sports car. BMW has already created a wonderful M3, and Chris has been incredibly careful to ensure that the parts added are true enhancements to the car, and change the overall style in the most subtle possible way. Prior to his visit Chris had removed the M3 badge on the trunk for an even cleaner outside appearance, and IND had sent him a ZCP carbon fiber spoiler, painted completely in Silverstone to improve the functionality of the car without adding complexity to the rear of the car. Chris has retained the factory ride height and original 19” wheels to maintain a simple and understated appearance.

Chris has already used his M3 at several race tracks on the east coast, and during this visit planned to address the few issues the car has as a multi-purpose track and street tool, while also finishing the car cosmetically. We installed a Brembo 365/345mm GT kit with Pagid RS29 pads to add stopping power, but kept the original black finish and replaced the Brembo logo for an even simpler version in Silverstone for a very subtle appearance. The car’s power steering system was improved by adding a 3D Design power steering overflow reservoir, to prevent any boiling issues at the track, and the intake manifold, air filter cover, and Macht Schnell intake elbow were refinished in a beautiful gloss black with silver pinstripe to maintain the simple and elegant style found throughout the car’s exterior. A Stack gauge package was installed to monitor engine vitals, and finally a custom painted CRT style front lip and Euro bumper perfectly finished the front of the car without a major departure from the original BMW design.

Philip’s M3 was the opposite and counterpart to Chris’ during their trip to IND last week. This car is no stranger to IND’s shop, having been here several times before, and each time seems to have moved in a clear design direction. During this trip to IND, Philip’s car undertook some of the biggest changes of all, in contrast to Chris’ more mild transformation.

We started by upgrading the car’s already potent engine package from the ESS VT2-600 kit to the even more incredible 625, pushing the envelope even further than the standard ESS kit allows. A Varis rear diffuser was added as well- a piece so visually striking that it is absolutely impossible to miss from the rear of the car. Finally the most major change of all came in the form of Volk TE37SL wheels and Falken 275/315 width tires. The square spokes and proven design of the Volk wheels add an element of purpose to the car’s personality, while the enormous tires and pulled fenders needed to accommodate them combine perfectly with the Varis diffuser to create an impossible to miss stance. Although Philip plans to add a few finishing touches to the car over the next year, I feel that this trip to IND made the biggest impact on his M3’s overall design and personality, and to me the car is quickly approaching perfection.

The dichotomy of these two M3s was not planned or forced, but rather an extension of our two client’s unique approaches to modification. It is precisely this aspect of work at IND that gives me the greatest joy- the opportunity to help our clients express themselves and their tastes, and to see how the unique personalities of our clients transform the blank canvas of the E92 M3 into the creations that leave our facility. These two cars are truly yin to the other’s yang, and the opportunity to see both simultaneously helped all of us at IND to appreciate the style of each.
Enjoy the photos!



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