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Challenge F10 M5 Carbon Roof

One of our favorite additions to the M car was the use of a carbon fiber roof, first introduced on the E63 M6. BMW had of course already used advanced composites in the construction of their M cars for many years, but the use of a bare carbon fiber roof made a unique statement that set the M brand apart forever.

Over the years IND has helped E90 M3 and 1M car owners make the same statement by developing our own carbon fiber roof panels for the cars not given this privilege from the factory.

This week IND introduces the brand new carbon fiber roof panel for the F10 M5, designed in collaboration with and manufactured by Challenge Engineering. This roof panel is available in a variety of weave styles to match OE carbon fiber or to deviate from the factory look instead. The Challenge roof panel weighs in at a featherweight 11.5lbs, removing a tremendous amount of weight from the most critical area of the car.

IND will be installing this roof panel on our own F10 M5 project car in the very near future and will update this thread with installation photos.




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