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Exponential Growth: Quest for a Front Lip Gone Right

Published on July 23, 2012 by in BMW, Uncategorized

“IND as a company is nothing if not extremely lucky”

Used in the introduction of our Meaner Than Hell project this sentiment is felt on a daily basis by every member of the IND team. With the amount of E9X M3’s that come through the shop it is always refreshing to have a new chassis roll through our doors. Hunter5179 first came to the shop looking for a front lip to give his Dark Graphite F10 550 a more menacing presence. We knew Hunter was a true enthusiast when he absolutely needed a front lip in the dead of winter during one of our first big snow storms. That is dedication.

From that winter storm came a full out assault on the Dark Graphite F10. Out of the box the 550i has enough juice to make even the most pedestrian enthusiast giggle. This power was simply not enough as the vehicle was soon upgraded with the full Dinan stage 3 kit. A need for a front lip spawned into a desire for something more comprehensive. For the aero the folks over at Vorsteiner delivered with their F10 VMS kit. We have seen Vorsteiner create exceptional aerodynamic solutions for many models and the kit for the F10 M-sport was the perfect balance of luxury and performance. After lowering the car on ACS springs Hunter5179 and I immediately knew it was missing something. After looking over the stately 550i it was apparent the car needed wheels, but not just any wheels. It was determined that the F10 would be planted to the pavement via the Vorstiener VS310 wheel. Finished in Vorsteiner’s enigmatic brushed shadow silver finish. The wheel finish like the aero is second to none. Picking up any surrounding light the wheels are constantly changing hues and colors further enhancing the threatening spoke design.

Going from the need for a front lip to the end result seen below is truly fascinating. We know this will not be the last we see of Hunter, but in the interim all of us are incredibly happy to have the opportunity to see this thing in its natural environment.



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